Saturday, July 30, 2011


A short while ago Cro asked about ferns surviving in pots for a long period.  When we moved here two years ago we brought a lot of plants in pots.  Among them were three ferns that were completely pot bound.

To make life easier I decided to plant them out to save having to keep watering the pots in summer.  The maidenhair fern was chopped down to ground level and went in front of the shed.

The "piggy-back fern" and a more hardy fern that was self-sown went in the area that I have cleared of Wandering Jew.  Of course I had help with all of this in the form of Kath and Kim.


  1. That was really my concern; if or not they would become pot-bound. Maybe I'll have to split them again some time!

  2. These ones must have been pot bound for a long time when I planted them out the other day and, as you can see, they are none the worse for it.