Saturday, October 15, 2011

Respite is Nearly Over

My period of respite comes to an end on Monday.  It will be good to have M. back home.  I am still a little tired but that is because of having to go up to Kaitaia last week for a minor operation which I am still getting over.  Still I generally feel a lot better.

Have just been for a walk around the neighbourhood and noticed in particular this tree (not sure of its name).  I must keep an eye on it to see what develops from the buds.

Another tree that looks pretty at this time of year I thought was called Rhus but when I look up Rhus it appears to be something different and very poisonous.  Still this is pretty.  There are a lot of them about.

When I got home I thought the Banksia rose looked very pretty.  This was huge when we bought the property two years ago but I have cut it right back and still want to cut a bit more but am waiting for it to finish flowering.  The large trunk is to the right of the post.

We have a second more fragile looking Magnolia out at present as well.

Earlier I went out with some friends to the Town Basin (as in yacht basin) and on the way stopped at a new plant nursery and bought three kowhai trees and a red flowered titree or manuka.  Apparently every fifth customer qualified for 8 vegie plants so I also got some Italian parsley, leeks and a selection of lettuce plants thrown in.

Meanwhile the Rena is still spilling oil and containers into the sea in the Bay of Plenty.  It could just have easily been adjacent to our harbour.


  1. Hello there
    When you find out the name of the pink leaved tree let me know - I have something similar here
    Can empathise with your feelings and Alzheimers - my aunt who recently passed awya suffered for many years
    Take care

  2. Very pretty flowers and trees. That rose trunk is huge, have never seen one so thick.

  3. Oh, I love that pink tree. How awful if it is indeed poisonous. However, it kind of shows that you can't judge a book by its cover.

    Have a good weekend Susan.


  4. So glad you're feeling better Sue and the operation went well. Your trees and shrubs are looking good. The pink one is very pretty

  5. The palm is a Chamaerops. I have two around the pool. Usually I cut off the yellow 'flowers' as they later develop into small round seeds that drop off in Autumn (into the water).

  6. I think they are near a pool - it is in the next street to us.