Sunday, December 18, 2011


My lovely hubby is in a Rest Home for 12 days until Christmas.  This is the seventh day and, so far, I have spent most of the time resting.  I hadn't realised quite how exhausted I was.  We have had a very wet week which was more conducive to resting than working.

Anyway, yesterday I got out in the garden and did some dead heading of the roses and then cutting up some bamboo that has been down for a few weeks.  It will make good kindling in the winter months.

Whenever I have a container - be it bucket or wheelbarrow - Kim will always get in it.  Yesterday she stayed there even though I was putting rose prunings in with her.

In the other photo of Kim (in which her eyes are a bit unusual due to the flash) she is sitting about 10 feet up in a tree looking down at me trimming and cutting up the bamboo.  Meanwhile Kath was sitting on the path.  You can see how long the grass has got with all the rain.  I am assured it will be cut on Tuesday and the forecast is fine for then.

Kim is the only cat I have known to do a Meercat imitation which I have never managed to get on camera.


  1. Lovely cats. Our Freddie is sitting on my lap as I type!

  2. Gorgeous cats! And as for rain ... I think I am growing mould. It has been constant, and cold too. I have two paddocks of hay which will soon be too long to mow and I'm beginning to panic a bit about it. As for my lawn ... !!

  3. Cats are funny aren't they. I've got one little madam who jumps into the laundry basket just when I start pegging the clothes out grrrr. Lovely pictures Sue xxx

  4. So glad you are able to get some rest in, it is difficult for you and sad at the same time.
    I love the picture of Kim up the tree, so superior looking as if she's saying 'Just look at her down there doing the gardening'.
    Hope you enjoy your Christmas and thankyou for your comment on the patchwork.