Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hospital Level Care

I have not visited my hubby for about ten days now because of my cough/cold (man-flu).  During this time he has been having a lot more falls and my main fear has been that the home would want him re-assessed as needing a higher level of care.

Today, I finally made an appointment for myself at the G.P. for tomorrow as I think I also have a sinus infection which would explain why I still feel so rotten.  I have also made a tentative appointment for me to take hubby in for his Aclasta infusion for his osteoporosis on Thursday.  I think this is especially important in view of his constant falling.

I had made the appointments and then got the dreaded call from the Rest Home that they have requested a re-assessment.  This most likely means that I will have to transfer him to somewhere with hospital level care.  The home he is at is getting that in about 18 months time - too late for him.

I have been making enquiries today to find out what the different homes with hospital level are like.  I could do without this, especially as he seems to be finally getting settled.

I am pleased I have the G.P. appointment though as I will be able to discuss it with him.  I don't really feel up to all this.  Perhaps I will wake in the morning and find it has all been a bad dream and the status quo reigns.


  1. So sorry Susan that you have had such bad news. Hopefully, you will get something for you man-flu and will feel better soon. Sinus infections are so hard to get rid of and when they get bad, steroids are usually prescribed here. They do make you feel better quickly.

    I am hoping the news about your husband will not be as bad as you think. You are a strong lady and will deal with it as you have done in the past. I am sending good thoughts to you.

  2. Everything passes, that's one thing I tell myself when things get bad.
    I know at this moment you're having a lot to deal with but this will all be in the past one day.
    Keep strong, I feel you are by reading your posts.
    Love and hugs from afar.

  3. These decisions are very difficult, especially as you have sad now he is "settled in". My Mom is on a list for the Nursing home in our own town here, which would save us a 1/2 hour drive to visit. I am not willing to have her uprooted to go further downhill by transferring her from where she is now comfortable. Why can these things not be easy?

  4. Good luck, Susan. I hope things work out.

  5. I do hope your GP can make a good recommendation. You know this will be difficult to go through, but you'll make it. Good luck.

  6. The level of care he needs is the paramount consideration, I believe, even if the poor man is unsettled in the short term when he moves. I hope the new home is no further away and your journeys to see him are no longer than they are now, but the overriding need is for him to be somewhere that can cope with the very demanding need for a high level of care his type of dementia brings with it. There are no easy routes to achieving this. You are both of you in a distressing and very tough situation, and I feel for you, I really do. But have courage, the help is out there and the present home is right to try to ensure he gets it.

  7. How very difficult for you. When such decision are needed you often feel so alone with all of the responsibility. Hope things work out for the best, and that you find your husband somewhere suitable.

  8. Oh Sue, I'm so sorry. I agree with Goldenoldenlady's comment. Hope that awful cold and sinus infection gets better soon. Look after yourself.

  9. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time. It's bad enough to have to make such decisions but probably worse when you're not feeling 100% yourself. Be kind to yourself. I hope things work out ok for you both xx