Sunday, August 19, 2012

Black Tunnelweb Spider

This morning when I opened the front door there was a very large spider on the mat.  It doesn't look as big in this photo as it had its legs retracted.

Black tunnelweb spider. Photographed by Norm Heke. 2001, Te Papa

I went to the Te Papa Museum website and this is what I found.  I am assuming this is the same spider although it doesn't appear to have the stripes across its back.  link to information - quite risky lives

Anyway, I carried the spider down and put it in the rock wall.  I now realise that we have several at the top of the Garage wall - that bit of housework is on the list for when the shoulder is better.  Things were so much easier when there were two of us to do all these jobs.


  1. I am not a huge fan of spiders and we have hoards of them in our house. We see these same hairy legged black ones from time to time, our species "jump" and move very quickly.

  2. That is weird I have an email telling me that Cro commented that he thought they were venomous and the wall may not have been the best place but I am unable to see his comment on my post.

    I actually put it in the wall before checking to see what sort of spider it was. If you click on the above link to information it is not venomous and is quite interesting. Mind you I may have been better to dispose of it.

  3. Very interesting reading, Susan. I'm not worried about spiders either...they just make a lot of "mess" with all their web-making LOL!

  4. I do not mind spiders, but I know that you have some that are venomous - I would want to know which ones those were. Otherwise they are good at eating flies etc up, but that hole in the cobweb looks a bit spooky.

  5. I don't envy you the job of clearing the web away. He's big.