Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day out in Dargaville

Today Doug and I went to Dargaville - last night I carefully put the large battery from my camera on to charge - the only trouble was that when I grabbed the camera this morning I forgot about the battery.

Luckily Doug had his camera with him so they are all his photos today.

We had a pleasant drive (about an hour) to Dargaville and had a look at a couple of shops (including the Hospice shop where I purchased the exact comforter that I wanted for my bed) before going to the Blah,Blah,Blah Cafe for a delicious Terakihi (fish) lunch with an iced coffee and orange juice.  I was going to have the iced coffee but when it came it was too sweet for me so we swapped.

We than had a look at the shops on the other side of the road before heading to the Dargaville Museum which was our main reason for the trip.  A friend had told me about the museum and it was excellent.

                                           An empty building opposite the cafe

                                          The  main street of Dargaville

                                    Sign for the Tractor Museum which we didn't go into


                                   The Museum Building

View from the museum past the gumdiggers settlement to the Wairoa River


                                                                     Inside the Museum

                                         The Mast from the Rainbow Warrior

We then drove down to Baylys Beach before heading home.


  1. what a great trip you & Doug had yourselves. I do like Museums.

  2. You do have some lovely days out, Susan. The museum looks very interesting.

  3. Looks like we should make a visit to the Tractor Museum...The Pirate grew up on a farm

    1. To think that if it wasn't for Lynn, our hairdresser Doug and I would still be sitting home - not much fun doing these things on your own!!!!!!

      Drying out - drought has just been declared in Northland with other areas of New Zealand likely to follow suit soon.