Monday, February 4, 2013

Time Flies

I am trying to remember what I have done since my last post.  Doug and I have walked Sophie most days (unless I have been on the Parkinson Walk).

I have, of course, been visiting Max who varies on a daily basis.  He is still at the stage of recognising me but not being sure who I am.

Doug has been busy doing various jobs around my house that have needed doing for a while and comes here for his evening meal - great not eating on ones own.  He made and installed a couple of Tui Feeders for me one of which also has a little bird table attached.

On Friday we also walked to the top of Parihaka (without Sophie).  We parked in Whareora Road and first walked along the Hatea River then took  the Ponga track - a dirt path with a lot of roots to negotiate - and on to the Dobbie track.   This was a path I had not been on before and, according to the Whangarei walks leaflet is 2.2km and 60 minutes plus the walk along the river.  We went on up to the lookout and came down the  easier and shorter Drummond Track at 1.4 km and 40min and a longer walk along the river back to the car.  No pics as I didn't take my camera this time.

On the way up I had lots of stops to look at the forest and get my breath but was very pleased with my effort.  I know Doug was surprised at how well I managed it.  He does it as a fast walk and has managed 1 hour and five minutes for the whole walk without doing the little extra to the lookout.  This is about five months since he had quadruple bypass surgery.

We are planning many more walks and it is great to have someone to share walking with.

On Saturday I went into town to pick up two pairs of shoes - I hate buying shoes but have a pair of Arcipedico shoes in black and the soles have perished.  I asked the shop if they were able to get me another pair but they phoned back to say they were only able to get cherry and  beige so I decided to get both.  They are a lovely soft leather and the black pair are really comfortable.  Comfort is what I look for in shoes nowadays!!!!

Yesterday Doug's grand-daughter visited with her partner - they are due to get married in March and had come up from Warkworth to see to arrangements.

Last night I went to Alan Davies show "Life is Pain" with my friend, Marjorie.  It was a laugh a minute.  The show started at 8 p.m. and went till about 10.20 with a 15 minute break.


  1. Comfy shoes are a treasure at any price. Stay hapy

  2. Oh Sue I love soft leather and I am sure I would love those types of shoes too. I am a shoe nut. I came across a lady and her husband yesterday who went through some pretty scary times in their life with him almost loosing his life. Coconut oil saved his life. I will scan and email you their story I had gotten from them fyi. I have been rather busy lately and puppies have arrived today, so please if you do not hear from me send me an email to remind me. *smile*

  3. Lovely shoes, great idea to get both, there might not be another time.The bird feeder is lovely, very special, and I know the birds will so like it come wintertime. Cheers from jean

  4. Your shoes look very comfy. Sue, so glad you're able to get out and about and that you're able to share a nice meal with your friend. I hate eating alone.