Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tutukaka Coast Road

Yesterday Doug and I decided to go for a drive through Ngunguru, Tutukaka and along the coast coming back through Hikurangi.

It was a perfect day for a drive.

First stop was at Ngunguru where the Sandspit was recently saved in public ownership.

                           We then turned off the main road and visited Church Bay with the lovely old Pohutakawa tree

                          then Kowharewa Bay

 I think the next one was Pacific Bay where we sat under another large old                                                                       Pohutakawa tree

 From here we went back to the main road and drove along to Tutukaka with its marina.
 at the end of the marina was this nice shady spot where we parked to have some lunch.
                                      From here we headed to Matapouri bay

                                                 then Wooleys Bay

 and finally Sandy Bay

 From here we followed a sign to a small coffee house which turned out to be open at the weekends only and then went on to the end of the road where we found the Whananaki Coastal Walk which ran along the ridge above this beach.
 it was a beautiful day but from the look of these trees it can get extremely breezy to say the least.

I think some of the photos have switched around and, as the beaches look very similar I have lost track as to which is which.


  1. How nice to have EMPTY beaches.... I could walk there all (non-windy) day long

    1. There are just so many empty beaches around Northland.

  2. Lovely area, my cousin lived at Ngunguru for some years, and we had friends at Tutukaka, all great beaches, and yes, the trees lean only the one way. Enjoy while we still have these hot days. Cheers from Jean

    1. Yes, the weather could suddenly change - mind you some rain would be good for the gardens.

  3. I would love to walk along those beaches with my Aussies. So many Bays to keep track of, but all equally beautiful.

  4. Isn't New Zealand just the best part of the whole wide world!
    Love Leanne

  5. The views are beautiful. What a lovely day out

  6. What a wonderful coast with glorious empty beaches, Susan. I could walk for hours along the shoreline on beaches like that. :-) Your landscape really appeals to me.

  7. beautiful walk...the Pirate remembers Sandy Bay

  8. How lovely, such beautiful beaches and blue skies.