Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Short Break 4

We had time for a rest before we were back out to the bus and taken down to the wharf for an evening cruise around the harbour.  The boat see here was lovely,  it turned out that the lady who was serving the meals was the owner with her husband who had designed the boat.  They had come out from America and gone to Raglan for the surfing and stayed.

We had a meal of delicious fish and chips provided by the cafe on the wharf followed by chocolate brownie (or a delicious orange cake for the two of us who were gluten free.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A short Break 3

After our bus trip around the area we had the afternoon in Raglan free and, after a delicious lunch of chickpea and sweetcorn fritters with a delicious sauce and poached egg, we had an enjoyable walk around town.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Short Break (2)

The second day of our trip was spent in and around Raglan.  It was much larger than we had expected and was very well cared for and had a good vibe about it.  We had a short walk in the town before breakfast and then a local came on our bus to give us a history of the town.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Short Break Away

A couple of weeks ago we headed off on a short trip with Paparoa Tours.  We were picked up at our nearest bus stop (a 4 minute walk from home) at 8 a.m.  The bus then drove in a loop around Whangarei picking up passengers before heading south.  The southernmost passenger we picked up was at Warkworth.  We then headed through Auckland and stopped on the Southern Motorway for a lunch stop.  Then it was West to Port Waikato.

                                                          We had a chat to two surf-lifesavers

                                                  and saw the damage done by recent storms

We then carried on to Raglan

This was all new territory for me.  We stayed two nights at a very pleasant motel.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Tomatoe sweet 'n Neat red in a pot

Two varieties of potatoe - Purple Passion and Agria

One of many Fuschia


Geranium (or pelargonium) 

Lots of shrubs of this lovely rose


Another Alstroemia

                                  More geraniums (or pelargoneums)

Another Alstroemeria

                                              Not sure of the name of this (Daisy?)

                               I thought these were all courgettes but a couple look different

                                                           Black cherry tomatoe

Bloody Butcher tomatoe

Russian Red tomatoe

                                                               Sunflowers and Tansy

Scarlet Runners

Silver Beet. Kale and lettuce

                                                                  Another Fuschia

                        Some climbing beans from seeds I had kept for a couple of years.

Radish and, underneath, carrots

There are also some smaller tomatoe plants for a variety just called Red. An old variety from Yates Seeds.

Also, a Port Albert heritage cucumber and a Lebanese cucumber  plus some other odds and ends.  Hopefully, we will be eating well - weather and bugs permitting.