Thursday, June 2, 2011


Following my other half's fall he had some x-rays taken and it transpired he has osteoporosis with small cracks and compression in his verterbra.  It was decided he would have Aclasta intravenously?? and the appointment was made for this morning.

We were showered, he was dressed and the phone went with the nurse checking that he had taken the Vitamin K.  I said what vitamin K?

It turned out it was vitamin D and he should have taken two doses a week apart  prior to having the procedure.  I had been told to pick up the Aclasta prescription on the way to the surgery this morning so had no idea there was another item and there wouldn't have been enough time to have taken the two doses a week apart anyway.

So, now we start again and have it done in a fortnight's time.  Not a great problem normally but when one is dealing with the confusion of Alzheimer's these small problems become large ones.  Still he has had his first dose - will have the second next Thursday and on the following Thursday will have the Aclasta.  In the meantime he goes to the Alz Club twice a week, I have a Carers' meeting and a funeral to attend, Weekly Pilates to strengthen the body etc. etc.  Obviously I am still stressed or I would take it all in my stride.

However, I did manage to get the gutters cleaned out and some weeding done this morning as rain is forecast for the long weekend.  Pulling the weeds I found that the soil was powder dry so the rain is still needed.  The temperature dropped rapidly this afternoon and we have had showers on and off.