Wednesday, September 30, 2020


 I have not seen the whole debate  but feel it is more important than the debate tonight between Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins prior to our election.  I would be very interested to hear the view of people in America and other parts of the world.

These are scary times.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 It is a cool, windy day, today, with the occasional shower. I feel sorry for people and animals in the South Island where there are lots of road closures due to the snow and ice.    to say it is not very good for new lambs would be an understatement. 

Doug and I have not done an awful lot as we are both tired and put it down to the clocks changing for Daylight Savings at the weekend.  I always seem to struggle for a week after the change.

I am in the Podiatrist waiting room and have been chatting to a lady who recommended Stephen Leacock books. I see there are several available through the local library in various forms of e-book. 

Back home and I have just collected Golriz Ghahraman's book, Know your Place, from the local library.  I put it on hold a few weeks ago. Golriz, a refugee from Iran is the first  refugee to be sworn in as a Member of the New Zealand Parliament.  It should be interesting reading.  It is now time for a much needed cup of tea.

Monday, September 28, 2020


Today our Parkinson walk was at the Quarry Gardens.  The last time we were due to do this walk was on 20th July when the whole of the north had been hit by a Major Weather Event. Major damage had been done and the gardens closed but lots of volunteers were busy working. I posted some photos here a couple of days later.

It was great to get back there today and, we were lucky with the weather.

An area that still needs work

This area has obviously had a lot of work on it

and this is the other side of the road where the water must have ended up

The photo below was taken sitting on a bench overlooking the lake.  I think we may well come here for a picnic over summer

I don't know what it is but I would not want this plant with all its thorns in my garden.

The big gong reminded me of my mother.  She went to an auction and decided to help the bidding along on a gong the size of the middle part of this one and we ended up taking it home.  I don't know what happened to it.  Doug had to have a go on this one.

I loved the different textures and colours in these three trees.

I don't know what the plant below is but loved its shape

and, finally, some lovely lavender plants in the perfume garden.

We had one short shower but apart from that it was lovely sunshine and I really enjoyed the walk.  

Sunday, September 27, 2020


 The forecast was for a weather bomb to hit the whole of the country today.  I heard the rain start a little before 6 a.m. although it may have been raining during the night as well, it was also quite windy .  By about 10 a.m. the rain had stopped and the sun was shining.  The rain barrel that was less than half full is now fully topped up and I think the new water tank is nearly full as well.  I wonder about the new lambs in the South Island though as I heard on the radio that they could be  getting barely above zero today.

 I have just been for my walk around the block and it is still quite breezy but the sun was shining and it was quite pleasant with no need for a jacket.

We put the clocks forward an hour last night (well it should have been 2 a.m. this morning but we always do it the previous night).  This involved 5 clocks plus our watches plus the landline phones at least the computer and cellphones update automatically.

I seem to have been busy all day but not quite sure what I have accomplished but then I have days like that sometimes.

With last night's forecast I picked another three Waratahs, this time from a different bush - these ones have rounded heads whereas the previous ones I picked had more pointed flower heads and were a slightly darker colour.

Saturday, September 26, 2020


A lovely morning so we went to the Growers Market for the first time since Lockdown.  Not quite as early as we used to but we got there a bit before 8.00 a.m.  We decided to go today as daylight savings ends tonight so it will get light later next week.

Anyway, we were surprised by the fact that a lot of stalls were not there and those that were had much less produce.

We have pulled out most of our greens getting the garden ready for summer planting.  The stall that we often buy from only had half cabbages and the broccoli was pretty small and I didn't buy anything from them.  I did get a bunch of spinach from another stall (I still have some growing but not a lot).  I also bought a bunch of watercress and at another stall a whole cabbage and at another stall a camembert.

Our other purchases were fruit.  A bag of  granny smith apples, one of gala apples, one of naval oranges and one of tangelos.  We also bought a punnet of baby beetroot seedlings, one of lobelia and one of  a painted daisy chrysanthemum, although the weather is fine the forecast is for heavy rain and strong winds tomorrow so we will not plant them just yet.  I hope the front moves over before Monday and our Parkinson walk.

When we had put everything away and had breakfast I made a cake.  I have a gluten free cooking book from the Library (to try before I decide whether to buy it)  It uses a special mix of flours so is a bit fiddly mixing the flours but I recently made some little sultana cakes that were a big hit.  I decided to make the same recipe as a cake today so used a ring tin  and it seems to have come out well.  

Will have a slice with a cup of tea shortly.

Friday, September 25, 2020


A beautiful sunny day and I started it with my early morning walk - well 7 a.m. anyway.  Doug had an appointment with a skin therapist as he had a mole he wanted checked and he has to go back in a couple of weeks to get it removed and a couple more sent for a biopsy.

Late yesterday we got the good news of a date for his Hernia Operation and it is not too far away - 6th October.  So it will be good to get that over with.

As Doug's appointment was at 12.30 we had a quick lunch (what I call homemade takeaways) when we got home.  Oven baked chips and kumara fritters with frozen battered fish for Doug and gluten free crumbed free range chicken breasts for me with peas and sweetcorn.  Delicious and, in my opinion much nicer than actual takeaways.

The cuttings for the butterflies seem to be coming away and the first of the seedlings from my Kings Seeds are showing - Ursinia - not one for butterflies but it looked good in the photo so I hope it does well here.

Thursday, September 24, 2020


Yesterday, we drove over to Kamo to pay the vets bill.  They were very good and suggested that we return any leftover (expensive) pills and they would give us a credit.  On the way back home we stopped at the Tikipunga Sports Park.  Before we married Doug used to pick me up from my home and we would walk Sophie in this lovely park.  It was good as there were always people walking their dogs and it was great socializing for  both dogs and their owners.  We had not been for some time but knew that a shared pathway was being put in across the bottom of the park alongside the river.

We can remember when this oak tree was planted.  Unfortunately, it was vandalized and the one alongside it did not survive but this one has flourished in spite of having lost its top.  It was lovely to see the spring growth.

We can also remember when they were planting along the creek (ditch) below.

The orange netting fences off the new pathway that is being constructed.  This will form part of the shared pathways leading in to the city centre.

After doing the walk we went back home and collected the trailer and went to buy a trailer load of kiln dried pine firewood.  We have used a huge amount of firewood this winter as we have been home all the time.  This should last us out as it is now getting warmer.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020


 On our trip on Sunday we left Ngunguru and carried on around the coast turning off just before Tutukaka

First stop was Church Bay where we sat and had a cuppa and sultana cake,

then Doug walked around the rocks and took the photos of the rock pools

then we drove a short distance to Kowharewa Bay 

Then to Pacific Bay

then Whangaumu Bay.  

We then went back to Church Bay where we had company while we had our lunch