Monday, April 28, 2014


Saturday started with Doug coming around to pick me up to go to the Growers Market (still no photo as I was so busy shopping).  Unfortunately, the "Bread Lady" wasn't there - last week she had sold out of Gluten Free Bread so I had been hoping to get some on Saturday.

It was on to the supermarket - we had just discovered an excellent chilled vacuum packed risotto and it was on special - unfortunately, they only had one left so we bought three of their organic soups as well.  No additives which is what I like and great when there is not much time.

We then drove a short distance to Mair Park to walk Sophie.  A few trees had been blown down in the short storm we had just prior to Easter.

Back to Doug's for morning tea and then my place where we had one of the soups for lunch.

Off again to the Quarry Arts Centre to the Dutch Day celebrations.

For some reason there was no Dutch entertainment just these dancers from the Cook Islands helped by the lady on the right who tried to mimic their movements.  

On Sunday we walked Sophie around Tikipunga Park meeting up with lots of other dog walkers and their dogs.  After dropping Sophie at Doug's and having a quick cuppa it was off to visit Max where I discovered the seams of a couple pairs of his trousers had come undone, then off to the gym.

One of the ladies at the Gym told Doug of a Dog walking group that meets on Saturdays so we will most likely do that next week.

After lunch Doug went home to try and catch up on some work while I fixed Max' trousers.

Today I picked Doug up (he took Sophie for a walk around his nearby streets).  We did the A.H. Reed park to Whangarei Falls walk with the Parkinson Walking Group.  It took us a couple of hours and I was surprisingly tired afterwards so after lunch at Dougs I had a short Nana nap before visiting Max on the way home and taking his trousers in for him.  I gave him his tea and a Kit-kat and he fell asleep so I stayed for 30 minutes before coming home.  

The temperature has suddenly fallen and we just had a shower although it was fine for our walk this morning.  

Off for a haircut shortly and will light the fire on my return.  

Tomorrow I have a physio appointment followed by pilates.  Hopefully, I will get a chance to do some work in the garden at some stage.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


This morning we decided to go to the Growers' Market.  Doug came and picked me up (he hadn't been to this market previously)  The main items I wanted were young leeks and possibly some sweetcorn if it was still available.

We bought the corn and leeks and also a bag of feijoas, a bag of delicious pears, some Mahoe Gouda, some organic mince and delicious looking pork chipolatas as well as some "real" milk.

We then went and took Sophie for a walk at the Town Basin and saw the new bridge opening for a yacht as well as checking out the pedestrian bridge that is currently being built.

On getting back to Doug's we blanched the corn and removed it from the cobs before freezing most of it and leaving some for our lunch back at my place.  We then did the usual visit to Max.

In spite of the forecast for a wet and wild weekend it has turned out pretty good so far.

I forgot I had my camera when we were at the market but took a photo of the produce when i got home.

Love this house truck parked alongside the river.  The copper washing machine is great and the sign says "Some people are so poor, all they have is money".

The photo below is just by the house truck

Apart from Doug and Sophie this photo also shows the pedestrian bridge currently under construction.  The centre part will open like a gate.

The bridge opening for the yacht to sail away.

Looking up the river that the pedestrian bridge crosses.

The wave and waka sculpture

My purchases - don't look as much with the corn off the cobs and mostly in the freezer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

VAGUE de CIRQUE - Carousel and Clothesline

Luckily our bad weather was short lived.  At times early on Thursday morning I thought the windows were going to explode with the wind gusts but all I ended up having to do was cut a few broken branches down and pick up numerous smaller ones from the lawn.

By last night the weather was lovely as we went to see the Carousel and Clothesline circus show.  If it is coming somewhere near you it is definitely well worth going to.  Unfortunately, the show was put on at short notice here and the theatre was not full but talking to the artists (who lined up after the show) they are planning on returning.

The show lasted just over an hour and comprised comedy, a contortionist, trapeze artists, jugglers and much more.  If it does come back to Whangarei we will most certainly go back and see it again.

I did not take my camera as sometimes the flash goes off unexpectedly and at the start of the show we were requested not to use flash as "who wants to get a photo of a red eyed acrobat falling from a height".

Here are some photos from their website.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Last week Doug repaired a fence for me - he says he worries that I may run out of jobs for him but they keep on coming!!

Over the weekend and this week we have finally had some rain.  We were lucky on our Monday Parkinson's walk in that we just had a couple of showers.  Margaret, who organises it wasn't able to go on this walk and she always manages to get fine weather.

On Saturday we went to see The Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour.  Whangarei has an active Buddhist Temple and we were the only place in New Zealand to host this rare exhibition which has been touring the world.

I have not been walking Sophie for a while due to a bruised heel but walked her with Doug around Tikipunga Park on Sunday.  

After our Parkinson's walk on Monday we purchased tickets for the New Zealand Premiere of The Vague de Cirque later this month.  On getting home and going to write it on my calendar I was surprised to discover that it is on tomorrow night.  The month has gone so fast we thought it was next week or the week after.  Never mind,  it is off to the circus for us tomorrow.

We now have a severe weather watch as the remains of Cyclone Ita is heading our way along with another weather system.  

I must go and bring some Monarch caterpillars inside on some swan plant out of the wet.

Two photos from our Parkinson's walk from the Town Basin to Mair Park

Two more from walking Sophie at Tikipunga Park on Sunday

 The "Rose Hut" and fence snot long after I purchased in 2009 and now.  (bottom photo was into the sun hence the blur.

Some of the monarch caterpillars I brought indoors on the swan plant stems.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Autumn flowers

We have been having hotter days since April arrived - it has been glorious although some rain would be great for the gardens and farms.

A couple of days ago I went on my usual search for flowers for the house and ended up with these white chrysanthemums that are just coming into flower and a few of the remaining alstroemerias  with some rosemary for extra green.

The tropical frangipani was only planted in the ground last year after being in a pot for years.

 I like this single rose

which is right next to this double one

Not sure of the name of this lovely plant with small mauve and white flowers.

The hanging baskets are past their best but still keep going.

I like the Lasiandras - I also have a pale pink one.  The flowers are huge.

Another small single rose

and finally this lovely creamy white rose flowers for months.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


We put our clocks back last night.  It was great to be able to get up in daylight this morning even though it does mean that winter is edging closer.

Yesterday Doug finished the addition to my woodshed - a little hut for my wheelbarrow.

This area used to be a waste of space but has now been put to good use.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I went in to visit Max today and he has bounced back.  Sitting with a muffin in his hand working out how to eat it.  He demolished it quite quickly once I held it for him.

Temperature has gone down and he seems to be just as he was before the seizure.  Panic over.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A friend from Queensland has been staying for the past week and was booked to go down to Auckland by bus this morning.

We were set for an early night when the phone rang at 9.30 p.m. and it was the Rest Home to say that Max had a seizure and had been taken to hospital by ambulance.

Doug very kindly came back and took me in.  We found Max on oxygen, with a tube up his nose and asleep after being given drugs but still having slight seizures.

A little while later he was taken off for a C.T. scan.  Shortly after he returned a very pleasant young doctor (Gary) came in and questioned me about Max's general state of health.  When I told him about his dementia and being immobile etc. he asked whether he wanted resuscitation and talked about how animals just go off somewhere quiet to go to sleep and the fact that in our culture we tend to keep giving fluids which delay the inevitable.

If I had not been there he would have performed a lumbar puncture and other procedures but said that they were far too invasive and would also be too painful.  As  Max also had a temperature he asked whether I wanted him to have antibiotics to which I replied that I would like him to if they made him more comfortable.

 The doctor then said he would make the decision for me and not give him the antibiotics and after phoning the Rest Home to check that they could administer the drugs that he would prescribe to be used if Max had another such seizure he said Max would be ambulanced back to the Rest Home.

He was also sending a letter stating that Max should have only comfort care.  I said I would wait until the ambulance came to take him back to the home but the doctor said that I should go home and get some sleep.

I finally got to bed just after midnight and  got to sleep just after 2.30 waking again at 4.30.  (I need my sleep).

I went in this morning and the Home had Max sitting in a lazy-boy chair fast asleep.  I stayed for about 30 minutes but, as he was still asleep and I had my guest to look after I returned home.

We went back later this afternoon and he looked a lot better although he was slurring his speech.

Don't know what the prognosis is but I feel we have turned a corner.  I just hope he doesn't suffer.