Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quilt Exhibition

At 9 a.m. Harold arrived with the first load of firewood for my new woodshed.  We unloaded and stacked it.  Doug then arrived (perfect timing) and did some work on the add-on to the wood shed for my wheelbarrow.

This afternoon we went with my former flatmate to the Quilt Exhibition - it was wonderful and I met up with fellow blogger Raewyn from Raewyn's 365 days.

We then went to the Town Basin with the intention of walking along to the Wave and Waka but ended up just having an icecream and coming home.  We will do the walk another day.

Just a few of the wonderful quilts.

Friday, March 28, 2014


When I bought there was (and still is) a woodshed but it is attached to the house and the vents from the kitchen go into it so it is not the dryest of places.

I have had wood piled in the porch and garage and so Doug has just built me a purpose-built woodshed.

It is now ready for a delivery of firewood.  There is going to be a shorter add-on for the wheelbarrow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It is two years since I put Max into full time care.  I find it hard to believe that is so long. His mental decline has been gradual and physically he is well apart from no longer being mobile.

A friend that I flatted with in Auckland in 1966 and who was with me the day Max and I met arrived from Queensland yesterday.  Today, after going down to the Town Basin, we visited Max.  We left it till the afternoon as he tends to be sleepy in the mornings.  She found it really upsetting. It is such a cruel disease.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

World War I Centenary: Living Remembrance Floral Carpets

This was the first World War I Remembrance function to be held in New Zealand.  We went to view them on Friday (28th February) when, after a short ceremony, the flowers were strewn in the river on the outgoing tide.

It was followed by music provided by the Whangarei Youth Orchestra.  Another enjoyable evening.

The colour of the flower carpets was amazing considering they had been made about 4 days previously.  It was a beautiful evening.

I found it quite poignant as my husbands 96 year old cousin died that week.  Her father sailed off to World War I when she was still a baby and died from pneumonia a matter of days after arriving in England

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Last Saturday, the 22nd, we attended Artfest in Cafler Park.  Neither of us had been to this before - being too busy caring for our other halves.

I had heard a lot about it - all positive - so in spite of the threat of rain we went along.  There were lots of tents selling various hand crafts and one at which I purchased a wrap around self heating heat pad for my back and hip that was giving me problems that day and I wore it for the rest of the day.  There were also numerous food stalls although, being gluten free, I had taken my own picnic with me.

There were lots of things for the children to do - a lady showing them how to do flax weaving - a tarpaulin on the ground with the offcuts of Oamaru stone from the Sculpture Symposium which a lot of children were carving,  paper making, face painting and painting to name a few - all free.

There was a music stage with continuous entertainment.  We wanted to hear the Whangarei Youth Orchestra and stayed until they had finished and then headed off as I had seen a good buy in a Bosch oven and mine was really past its use by date when I purchased the property nearly five years ago.

We went and I purchased the oven and a microwave (as my current ones are integrated).  Doug went to start his vehicle to drive around to the collection area and it wouldn't start.  Luckily, I have an AA membership and so I called them and 30 minutes later a lovely man turned up and told us that it was the fuel pump.  He hit it with a hammer while I turned the engine over and it started.

We had planned to go back to Artfest to hear the Whangarei Brass Band but were instructed to go straight home without turning the engine off.

We collected the items and did just that.  Then the fun started none of the mobile mechanics in the yellow pages were interested.  The auto electrician Doug contacted said we would need to get a transporter to take the vehicle to their workshop.

On Monday we went on the usual Parkinson walk and one of the walkers had his own garage before Parkinsons put paid to him working.  We asked him if he could recommend anyone which he did.   Bob agreed to do it but, as he works for a hire company and does extra work as time allows, he was not able to do anything till Wednesday when he and a mate collected the vehicle and towed it to his workshop.  Yesterday, I took Doug there to pick it up.  We were very pleased with the service and it is good to have the vehicle back.

One vehicle between the two of us when we live 5kms apart was quite difficult especially with early morning dentist and doctor appointments.