Saturday, March 30, 2024


Last Monday the Parkinson Walking Group did the walk around Lake Waro then around the limestone rocks.  We last did that walk at the end of November, the sun is too harsh to do it during summer and with winter approaching I decided it would be a good time to do it again.

Luckily, the weather was perfect, sunny and a pleasant temperature.

First we walked around the lake, above,  then around the rocks below. (Cattle graze around the rocks).

We had 13 on the walk and finished up with a caffeine fix at the Miners' Rest Cafe in Hikurangi.

Friday, March 22, 2024


A neighbour has several Hydrangea Paniculata Limelight plants and I was keen to get one.  I recently went to Palmers Garden Centre as I had been given a voucher for my birthday but they had sold out of them so I bought the Sundae Fraise instead.  The flowers were a lovely bright white when I purchased it but as the weather has cooled the colour has changed.

A week or so after buying this I was in Mitre 10 and they had the Limelight so I bought that.  I think I prefer the Sundae Fraise but the Limelight is nice as well and also showing signs of pink.  I am happy to have both.


A few days ago we had a call from a neighbour as someone had lit a small fire in the park next to the nearest cypress tree.  The closest neighbour was able to reach it with his garden hose and put it out. 

On Wednesday I was watering the garden when I heard a whooshing noise and looked up to see the closest cypress tree to us bursting into flame.  I dropped the hose and phoned for the Fire Brigade along with several other people.  I could feel the heat from the flames while standing on our deck.  Generally, we are lucky and don't have any problems here.  Presumably some bored kids.  

The top photo is a screenshot from a video someone posted.  Our chimney is to the left of the photo.

The sad looking tree afterwards

Today, we heard a motor running in the park and the tree was being cut down and mulched.

We managed to get a few logs - one will be good as a chopping block

The whole area left clean and tidy but minus a tree.


We have had a good summer, not like the storms and continual rain of last year.  Our tomatoes have been exceptional and we are still picking them.  I also sowed some late beans and will be picking the first of these today.  Not sure how they will go as it was an experiment planting so late.  Kumara (sweet potatoe) are still in the ground as they like a long growing season.  I have also started winter planting with broccolli and silver beet (Swiss chard)

We still have daylight savings ( it doesn't end till 7th April) and dawn is not until 7.30 a.m. so I am not rising as early as I would like - can't do much in the garden when it is still dark.  (I am not a fan of daylight savings as I prefer to rise early and get jobs done and am usually getting tired by the end of the day).

The weather has been good for the Parkinson walks and our small group has grown over recent months.  17 people on a recent walk.

Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons and, at present we have daytime highs of 23 or 24C with about 15C at night.  All very pleasant.

My stepson came up from Auckland to stay last week and we managed some nice walks. (His photos).