Thursday, January 29, 2015


At least I think it is a junction box.  There are various sizes of these boxes around town and they all used to be painted green often with graffiti on them.  I am not sure if these new ones are for Fibre or Power  ( it was about the time Fibre was installed here that the boxes started to be painted).

This is my favourite and one I see on leaving Max' Rest Home as it is straight across the road.

We have finally had some showers today.  Wonderful.  Hopefully, we will have more over the next few days.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Typical Summer Lunch

Yesterday, my lunch consisted of freshly picked lettuce with some grated carrot and grated cheese, slices of tomatoe, watermelon, and cucumber and roasted red capsicum.  Today, it is the same with the addition of some sliced roast veal and often a hardboiled egg with mayonnaise or some salmon.  Ideal for this weather and delicious.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The weather has been, and still is, glorious.  Temperatures in the late 20's celsius with several days over 30.

On one of the hottest days I heard a native pigeon flying around the garden and then spotted him/her near the top of a tree.  I presume and, indeed hope, that he was in that odd position just to cool off.  A short while later I looked and he had gone.

We have just had a short shower - wonderful - no watering tonight.  I can't remember when it last rained.  It is much needed.

When I visited Max today he seemed to know me and was quite animated.  It is amazing how he changes but good to see him looking so well today.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Today is my lovely hubby's 85th birthday.  Unfortunately, he doesn't know it.  He has been sleeping more and more in the last few months and even when he is awake there is "no-one home".

Yesterday, when I went in he was in bed asleep  (he is usually sitting in a lazy boy chair) he was not looking at all well.  Today, he was once more in the lounge in his lazy boy.  I am not sure if he was awake when I arrived but he did not open his eyes or show any reaction.  He then fell into a deep sleep.

I had bought him some more summer weight trousers - not always easy to find as he must have an elastic waist to make it easier for the caregivers to dress and undress him.  Anyway,  I managed to find one pair that just needed shortening.

I unwrapped his present for him and put the trousers in his drawer and sat and held his hand.  There is a blind lady in the home and she was very restless so I went and brought her wheelchair over to where I was sitting with Max and chatted to her until it was time for them all to have their lunch.

I love this photo of Max taken when we were still on our "lifestyle" property in the Far North - it was taken seven years ago. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


My stepdaughter has just sent me photos of the mail box her partner has built.  I thought it was too good not to share so checked with Jamie this morning to see if he minded me putting it on my Blog so here it is:

Sue said  "We had it decorated with Xmas lights and it has been admired by many in the street.  Our neighbours across the street have had their grandchildren staying and they're convinced that it is a fairy castle (the grandchildren that is) and they have been coming across after dark to look at the "fairy/Xmas lights."  Cute."

They live in the Southern Highlands between Sydney and Canberra.  When I spoke to Jamie this morning he said it is not finished yet and he still has gargoyles to add to it.  So an update will follow