Sunday, November 13, 2011

This week must be an improvement

This last week started off with taking the car in to get new front shocks in order to get a Warrant of Fitness.  A catch 22 situation now.  One has to get the work done to get the warrant; cannot sell without the warrant;  but is it worth spending the money on.  Anyway, it is done now and it is much more pleasant driving over the numerous railway crossings with the new shocks so we will keep it and hope that there are no more major things that need doing.

The middle of the week went as usual, taking M. to the optician for new lenses in his glasses following his cataract operation, and to Alz Club etc.  I also received a phone call from a clinical nurse specialist at the hospital relating to what level of care M. needs when he is in the rest home for respite.  Thursday, I took M. to Iris while I went to the Alzheimer's Carers' Meeting, a much needed monthly event.

Friday was the climax though.  I had been waiting for the builder to come and do some work on the bathroom.  At the end of June he installed a new vanity unit and we were very pleased with it.  This time he is to put new skirting boards as we are planning to replace the grotty carpet with vinyl and we are putting a much needed new tap in the bath and having it tiled.  Anyway, he phoned first thing in the morning and came around.  I took M. in to Alz club and did a quick shop before returning home to be told that when he started the job he discovered that there was a leak from a faulty washer in the flexihose to the hot tap in the vanity and the water has been soaked up by the vanity which will need replacing.  I immediately phoned the insurance company and it sounds as though we are covered which is just as well as it will cost about $1500 to replace the vanity cabinet as the tiles and vanity basin will have to be removed in order to do the job.

So tomorrow Iris comes and sits with M. as usual while I go to Pilates and do some shopping in the morning and then in the afternoon we have the nurse specialist coming to assess M. for the level of care needed for respite which is due again in a fortnight,  the insurance assessor is coming to look at the vanity unit and, hopefully, agree to replace it, and the plumber is coming to fit the new tap on the bath.

At least the sun has been shining, although the ground has been drying out so fast I have had to start watering the garden.  The roses are starting to bloom and we have made some good friends here so there are some positives.

I finally got some bean seeds in the ground and have just bought some more silver beet (swiss kale) seedlings and a couple of buttercup squash so must try and get out in the garden.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Winning Raffle

Recently, Cro posted about winning a prize at his local grocery store.  This reminded me of the only time I remember winning anything.

I would have been 8 or 9 years old and the village fete was held that year in the recreation ground.  Time came to draw the raffle and I was asked to draw it.  I said I couldn't as I had a ticket and can still remember the laughter at that.  Anyway, I put my hand into the basket of tickets and drew out my own.

I only remember two of the prizes, a lovely basket of fruit which I imagined was the first prize.  No, the first prize was a tea service.  My mother thought this was great - I wonder where it ended up.

This memory is still with me as though it was yesterday.