Saturday, May 25, 2013

They Start them Young

Now that autumn is here the soccer and rugby season is upon us.  When we take Sophie for her walk on Saturdays play is under way.  As with most (if not all) sports here the day starts with the youngest players and moves on up over the day.

The game in the first photo had two players on one side and three on the other - there was a girl in one of the teams


After our walk we went back to Doug's for a coffee while Sophie waited for FOOD!!!

We then went shopping for some seedlings including Italian Precoce Brocolli, Leeks and Pak Choi.  Although it was fine for our walk we have had heavy showers this afternoon.  Once it is fine again I will be out planting.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Another delightful autumn day

The forecast has been for rain for days now but it has mostly been fine with the occasional shower.  On the way to walk Sophie the clouds were most picturesque.  Later in the day there were layers - in the bottom photo - clear blue sky with white cloud underneath and dark cloud on the bottom layer it looked much darker than the photo shows - it looked like rain but none fell.

This morning we did some planting in my garden where it had been cleared.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A busy week

I don't know where the time goes.  The week has just flown by but then they all seem to do that.

I had two meetings on Monday plus visiting a friend:

On Tuesday I took my car in for its 6 monthly warrant of fitness on the way to  walk Sophie I then had a one and a quarter hour dental appointment  for two fillings.  In the afternoon I had a visit by a valuer as I had put in an objection to the valuation for our house and then had to go and collect the car.

On Wednesday after the dog walk we did a supermarket shop and after lunch took Doug's daughter to the Hospital for a check on her broken leg and then went for a walk at the Town Basin.  In the evening was the highlight as we went to the Pantomime Cinderella put on by the Kamo High School.  It was excellent.  It is running from Tuesday night to Saturday night and I know they had a showing on Tuesday afternoon for the local Primary and Intermediate Schools.  Pantomimes are not common here in New Zealand but there was good audience participation and I was amazed at the talent.  Unfortunately, photos were not allowed.

On Thursday after the dog walk we spent the rest of the morning in my garden weeding and planting silver beet (Swiss Chard), Curly Kale and Penstemons.  In the afternoon I went to the Rest Home where there was a special afternoon tea attended by the Mayor and other "dignitaries", then came home and took the two cats for their annual vet checks.

Today has been wet,  on the way home from walking Sophie we came across a very wet little dog in the middle of the road not far from home.  I had a feeling it might be a neighbours dog so put it on Sophie's lead and walked it home.  They were all out but after I had written a note to attach to their door knob some family members had arrived and after much discussion decided it was the families new dog  (it is usually fluffy but was drenched and covered in mud).  I then had a good sort out putting away my summer clothes and replacing them with the winter ones and have just made a batch of Buckwheat Pancakes (and eaten several).

                                      Lichen on one of the oak trees.

                                                        Sophie eating acorns

                                     Some interesting cloud formations

               The blackbirds have returned - they all seemed to disappear in the drought

                     It is duck shooting season so is good to see them safe on this river.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mt Manaia

On Tuesday April 30th we walked up Mt. Manaia with Doug's two local grandsons aged 16 and 17.  Needless to say they were well ahead of us.    see here

It was another lovely sunny day and we thoroughly enjoyed the walk although my legs were sore for several days afterwards.  As you can see it is an excellent path  mainly made up of many lots of stairs.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Te Waimate Mission House

On the way home after visiting Kerikeri we went to the Waimate Mission House only to find it closed for renovations.  We were, however, able to look around the gardens and the church next door.  The whole area was set up as an "English Village" see here and here.

There were some lovely old trees on the property.  The photo of the organ is not good but I included it as it is the only one I have.