Monday, March 6, 2017


The move went well and I was very pleased with the Removal firm that I used.  Doug and I moved all the smaller items and just left the larger items of furniture for them.

Still boxes and spare furniture everywhere but the lounge, kitchen and dining area are comfortable. We have moved the fridge and Doug has started to build a cupboard/larder where it used to stand. When that is finished I will have a lot more storage.

Apart from trying to empty a box a day I have been busy preserving peaches from "our" tree.  I try and do a pan a day.  In spite of neglect over winter the garden is looking good and my plants make a show at the front door.  I find it hard to believe that it is nearly a fortnight since I moved but, of course, life goes on around the move.  We had a trip up north to a funeral and the usual gym sessions and Parkinson's walks etc.

One of the rose bushes which has flowered continuously over the summer.

Mainly zinnias in the front border.

Begonias and streptocarpus that I brought from Kamo.

This bromeliad that I brought from Kamo looks as though it is about to flower.

Part of one of four trays of peaches left to preserve.  It is just a seedling tree growing behind the garage but the fruit are delicious.  As well as stewing and freezing them I made a peach crumble yesterday.  

After a hot dry summer it is forecast to rain tomorrow and the rest of the week so we picked a lot of the remaining peaches this morning.

Doug is doing his utmost to help me settle in and it just seems right.  It is so much easier for him not to have to drive between Kamo and Tikipunga several times a day and better for me not having to ask him to bring items from the deep freeze.  (I only had a fridge/freezer and the bulk items have been kept in Doug's larger freezer.)