Thursday, October 23, 2014

Waipoua Forest and Kai Iwi Lakes

After the Hokianga we headed down through the Waipoua Forest and went in to see Tane Mahuta, the huge kauri tree.  There are actually workers at the base who were working on the boardwalk.  I had hoped to get them in the photo to show the size of this massive tree but they must be behind the bushes.

Walking back along the track we noticed this tree propped up with a large pole.

We then called into the Information Centre and I noticed this grove of cabbage trees (know as palm trees in Devon and Cornwall).

Then we drove to Kai Iwi Lakes.  I find it hard to believe that I have never been there before.  Below is the largest lake and it was just wonderful and would be ideal for young children.  We were the only people there apart from the caretaker although come summer it will be packed.

We also visited another of the Kai Iwi lakes.

Then it was time to head home via Dargaville.  I felt really refreshed after this trip but had not been home for long when I got a call from the Rest Home to say Max had been in a lot of pain and they finally worked out it was his elbow.  He saw the doctor and had an xray which came up negative and they had given him Morphine.  This didn't help my stress levels.  Still when I visited the next day he was just on paracetamol.  He now seems a lot better thank goodness.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Hokianga

Last week we had a wonderful three days in the Hokianga.  The first day we drove via State Highway 1 and stopped for a delicious lunch of local whitebait fritters at the Boatshed Cafe in Rawene..  The view across the harbour is superb and one can watch the ferry crossing backwards and forwards between Rawene and Kohukohu

We then drove to the lookout at the harbour mouth and walked down to one of the bays before headiing to the Copthorne where we had a "Grab One deal".

Next morning we drove back to Rawene stopping at Kouto beach to see the boulders and for Doug to collect some kaimoana.

In this photo one can see the hard piece of rock around which the boulder formed in much the same way as a pearl is formed.

We had another delicious lunch in Rawene (flounder for me and soup for Doug) before going to the headland again for another walk.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Trip to Kerikeri to see the Bluebells in Roland's Wood

On Wednesday we set off for Kerikeri to see Rolands Bluebell Wood.  On the way there we passed the area of a major slip that closed State Highway 1 for a week in July.

In Kerikeri we saw Chris Booth's sculpture

the seagulls were enjoying the moat like pond at its base.

Then on to Roland's Wood where we had a picnic after a walk around the wood.

 On the way home Doug sat on the mosaic seat in Kawakawa he pronounced it not very comfortable.

It will be interesting to go back at different times of the year to see the woodland in its different stages.