Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quarry Gardens Subtropical Plant Fair

Doug and I went to the Subtropical Plant Fair at the Quarry Gardens this morning.  We had to park some way from the venue.

There were some lovely plants but I know that a lot of them are raised in greenhouse situations and  do not fair well when planted in the garden.

We bought some plants from the Gardens' own stall - Doug got a couple of Clivias and I bought a Euthorbia cotinifolia.  Not too sure about my choice after reading more about it but I liked the look of its bronze colouring.

We then had a look around the Gardens which are in an old dis-used quarry and run by volunteers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Shortly after we moved down to Whangarei I went to a series of seminars put on by  Alzheimers' Northland and since then four of us with husbands who have the disease have kept in touch and meet for coffee every once in a while.

Today we went to see Quartet which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  We then went down to Mokoba's at the Town Basin for lunch.

Of the four of us one is now a widow, one has her husband still at home and attending the Day Care put on by Alzheimers' and two of us have our husbands in full time care. 

It is always enjoyable to get together even though we keep in regular contact by phone.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life is good

I have been busy doing nothing in particular, up early to water the garden before Doug comes around to pick me up to walk Sophie.  Visiting Max, medical appointments and general house and garden jobs during the day and a meal with Doug at his or my place in the evening.

Something most people take for granted but after so many years it is wonderful - just having someone to share things with.

My stepson came up on the 10th for Max' birthday and stayed for a few days which was great.  We had lunch at the Town Basin.

We had a trip down to Warkworth one day coming back via Mangawhai.

We took Sophie on the walk from Whareora Road to Mair Park.  The following two photos are from stepson's facebook page hence the size change.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Walking Sophie

Once again, I joined Doug walking Sophie around Tikipunga Park this morning.  It is a sports field with a stream running along one side.  The walk takes just under an hour.  Sophie has many bathes along the way. and meets up with lots of other dogs.