Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Shortly after we moved down to Whangarei I went to a series of seminars put on by  Alzheimers' Northland and since then four of us with husbands who have the disease have kept in touch and meet for coffee every once in a while.

Today we went to see Quartet which we all thoroughly enjoyed.  We then went down to Mokoba's at the Town Basin for lunch.

Of the four of us one is now a widow, one has her husband still at home and attending the Day Care put on by Alzheimers' and two of us have our husbands in full time care. 

It is always enjoyable to get together even though we keep in regular contact by phone.


  1. It is good to be able to share problems with others who are in the same situation.

  2. That sounds like the best kind of support from others in the same situation, Susan. Glad you had such a good day together.

  3. How nice to have your own support with each other That in itself is truly special

  4. Solace and comfort can often be found in the company of others.

  5. Ahh Quartet is a movie I want to go see - I think you are the first person I've seen post about the movie so good too know it is a goodie. Sounds a nice group to go with.
    Love Leanne

  6. So good that you can meet up - people going through the same thing are so supportive of each other - we've found that too