Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Birthday.

I have had a wonderful birthday today.  I can't believe how many cards and messages I have received.

My stepson is up here for a couple of days with a friend's ten year old daughter (as she is busy at work).

We started by walking Sophie, then back to Doug's for morning tea and some board games then
down to the Town Basin for a delicious lunch.  Back home to pick up some fishing rods and we headed down to the river for some fishing where a fish was caught.  We then stopped fishing so that a boy and his mother could operate a remote controlled boat which travelled at 55 kms per hour.

Been out virtually all day and just returned at 5.30.  I will now make a quick frittata for our tea and I know there will be some more phone calls.

Oh, and I got a special tattoo for my 71st birthday and a lovely watch from Doug.  I am spoilt!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014


In spite of everything going on with Max I had a very enjoyable Christmas.  We spent it at Doug's with two ladies who would, otherwise, have been on their own.

I had a lazy day as Doug insisted on cooking the meal.  He usually, no, always, comes to my place for his evening meals and said it was my turn to have a meal cooked for me and delicious it was too.

I visited Max on the way there - he has not been very well lately and the Rest Home has just started to mouli his meals.  He has been their best eater but lately has been holding his food in his mouth and not swallowing hence the mouli.

He is sleeping more and more and it is rare for him to wake up while I am visiting these days.  Because he was unwell I have increased my visiting.

One of Doug's daughters and her children 18 and 19 were going to come for a meal late afternoon on Christmas day but, at the last moment, it was decided that they would come on Boxing Day for lunch - a much better idea so we had a second Christmas meal then.

Yesterday, after walking Sophie at the Town Basin, we did some shopping - I wanted some trousers for Max but could only find 3/4 length ones as he has to have elastic waist.

More shopping today in another part of town and I got just what I was looking for at Farmers - only one pair in his size left  and they will need to be shortened by a good few inches.

My stepson arrives tomorrow to stay for a day or two and see his Dad.  Must get ready for him.  Have just been to Hikurangi to pick up some freshly caught fish from one of Doug's nephews.  Enough for about six meals plus mussels plus a crayfish.  Yummy.

Yesterday, the flowers in the house  needed replacing so I picked this bucket full.

Every year my cousin in Canada sends me a pewter ornament from Amos Pewters in Nova Scotia. Here  is this year's one - a nautilus shell.  I always receive them in November but wait until Christmas Day to open them.  It is on the tree with all the others - must be getting close to 30 now.

Friday, December 19, 2014


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas

I have been very pleased with a couple of flowers in particular over the last couple of days - a surprise as we have had such terrible weather, rain, rain, rain.

The above is a flower from my Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  The flowerhead is 15 inches long.

Yesterday morning I discovered this in flower just at eye height - it was all over this morning but was wonderful while it lasted.

and here is a smaller Hydrangea with some Christmas Decorations.

The best news of all is that Max and I became Great-grandparents on  the 17th - a 7lb baby girl called Taylor.  The photo I have is in a format I am unable to transfer to the Blog.