Saturday, March 30, 2019


Yesterday we  received a large box of seedlings.

Each bundle is supposed to have 9 seedlings in it but today I planted the two bundles of mixed Brocolli, Italian Brocolli and Brocoflower and there were 24 plants.  I also planted a bundle of kale and a couple of bundles of pansies in pots.  

While I did this Doug got some more beds ready for planting.  I had already cleared some of the tomato plants, dug the last of the carrots and beetroot and picked any beans to dry for seed.

We have been having intermittent rain showers so it is the ideal time to be doing the planting.  We still have leeks, pac choi, silver beet (chard) and coloured beet as well as spinach to plant and more carrots to sow.

We also have to clear away the cosmos in the front garden and we have dwarf cineraria, stock and two varieties of lavender to plant there.

It will all be a bit bare for a while but should not take too long.  We planted a couple of pots of pansy seedlings a fortnight ago and already have flowers on them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Another busy long weekend which started when  a friend of Doug's from his Air Force days visited us with his wife on Friday.  I had not met them before so it was great to spend some time together over a meal.  The weekend went along as usual with the market and preparing the produce on Saturday and going to the gym on Sunday.

On Monday, our Parkinson walk was around the garden of one of our members who has just built a new house.  It was built on family land and we were able to walk around the whole garden which is opened to the public annually in aid of the SPCA.

In the evening we had a visit from the blogger "Ook?!" or Gwynneth and her husband Vic ( ) from Scotland.  Vic had just competed in the BDO Tour of Northland and we spent a pleasant evening together.

The weather is still warm (25 degrees C today) and dry and the forecasted rain seems to keep moving further away although I think we may get some this weekend.  We have finally got around to ordering our flower and vegetable seedlings so once they arrive we will be very busy.


On the News tonight flooding on the West Coast of the South Island, a major bridge washed away and a Civil Defence Emergency declared.


There has been over 1 metre of rain in a 24 hour period.  One dead due to the flooding.

Friday, March 22, 2019


It is one week since the terror attack took place in Christchurch.  This afternoon there was 2 minutes silence across the country after the Muslim call to Friday Prayers at 1.30 p.m.

It is assumed that the Terrorist wanted to break New Zealand apart whereas the opposite has happened and it is bringing people of different religions and races closer together.  The name of the Terrorist is never mentioned so he gets no notoriety.

We already thought highly of  Jacinda Ardern, our Prime Minister, and we are now even more impressed with the way she has handled the situation and helped in bringing people together.  She shows great empathy and is an inspiration.

Many women have been wearing the Hijab in support of Muslims and this photo has now appeared of a Policewoman wearing one while on guard at the Cemetery.

Police officer Constable Michelle Evans in hijab with a rifle and rose outside Christchurch Memorial Park Cemetery, as victims of the mosque shootings are buried.

On the Home front the friend I flatted with over 50 years ago  stayed with us in the new spare bedroom for just over a week and gave it the tick of approval.  She has now moved back down to Auckland.  During this time I have not been blogging or following blogs.  We have also had old friends of Doug's to visit today.

On the blogging front I finally read an email from google about the coming shut down and it appears that I will not be able to blog and comment after 2nd April.  I will have to try and work this out in a hurry.  The old brain cells had better get working.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Morning Fog

We awoke to fog this morning but as I left for my early walk I noticed this rose with the mist or heavy dew on it.  

The death toll in Christchurch has risen to 50 with more in intensive care.  It is the sort of thing that happens in other parts of the world not here in New Zealand.  Hard to comprehend.

Friday, March 8, 2019


I didn't take any photos of the store (junk ) room until after the garage sale but there was still quite a lot left in there, although the large shelves had been removed.

 In the intervening weeks the room has been redecorated and has mostly new furniture.

Both of us would be happy to sleep there.  Our first visitor is due on Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019


The days are getting shorter so we ordered our firewood a couple of weeks ago.  Today was delivery day - 3 pick-up loads.  The first load arrived just after breakfast - he then went back for morning tea and the second load.  We got these stored before lunch  with two wheelbarrows, me loading and Doug stacking in the shed.  While this was happening I had four lamb shanks slowly cooking in the oven for our lunch (main meal). 

Of course, I had just dished up when the third load arrived so the meal was put in the oven while it was unloaded.  In the meantime Sophie had decided to take herself for a walk so we had to go and find her.  After both going in different directions Doug was just about to go out in the car to look when she wandered out of the garden opposite us.  

After lunch Doug did most of the work with the third load as I was designated to wash the dishes,  I had got some tomatoes weighed up to make some chutney but that will have to wait until tomorrow now.  

A good way through the first two loads

The third load

All stacked in the shed

We are now all set for winter.