Friday, July 30, 2021


A few flowers out in the garden at present in spite of the storms we have had.

Not much colour in these but we should have some snap peas before too long.

Several Cinerarias looking colourful

Below is an Abutilon, difficult to get a photo.  I like the colour

Are these yellow red hot pokers or yellow hot pokers? 

a creeping Rosemary 

The Lachenalias always provide a colourful show at this time of year.  They are actually more vibrant than the photo shows.

nearby is the Flame Vine or  Pyrostegia which is getting past its best

There are still a few Roses 

A small begonia

We have been thrilled with this new to us Sunflower. Although it is looking a bit battered after the storms there are more buds coming on and the bees and butterflies love it.

We have had some quite cold mornings, 8° C and the new insulation has made the house a lot warmer.

Monday, July 26, 2021


 It was our Parkinson Walk this morning and last night it poured down but we were lucky and woke to a clear day with the sun coming out.  The forecast was so bad that we had suggested people may like to come just for coffee if it was too wet to walk - perhaps that is why we had 18 people turn up where the number is usually about a dozen.

We started our walk at the Information Centre and walked alongside the (usually) small stream then up to the waterfall.

  Below the river has reached the top of the bank

If they will play I took these two videos to show the volume in what is usually a small stream

In the bottom video most of this is usually bare rock.

Below is a photo of the falls normally from a previous post.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

JULY 22nd

Prince George will turn 8 years old today, my baby brother turns 75 and a cousin turns 85.  Happy Birthday to them all.  

Meanwhile here,  the men arrived to install our insulation.  They were actually early - we were told 8 a.m. but they were here by 7.30 and got straight on to laying the installation in the ceiling.  They finished this by 10.30 a.m. and after a short break started on the underfloor.

It was all finished by 2.30 p.m. 

They closed the manhole to the roof area so I did not take photos of that but under the house looks good.  It is a polyester insulation.  In spite of the forecast we had a lovely sunny day for it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 On Monday, in spite of a warning for rain, we had a pleasant walk along the furthest part of the Shared Pathway from the city centre.  It is better walking as there are fewer people on this part of the walk (at least not during the time that children are using it to go to and from school).

It is not the prettiest of walks but an enjoyable one all the same. 

On the way back a train engine went along the track.  Not a frequent occurrence.  

We had not been home for long when we got a phone call about some firewood we had ordered.  This is from a sawmill and our neighbours had recommended it.  He wanted to deliver it that afternoon which suited us as rain was forecast for the rest of the week.  (it is often forecast but does not always arrive). 

This meant that both wheelbarrows came out and we got the ute load stored away.   We were very pleased with the wood which is offcuts and most of it is like that in the top basket although some is larger.  It is eucalyptus and quite heavy, burning well.  The price was good.   He has the sawmill for sale so we will buy some more when we have space just in case it is no longer available next year.

After all this exercise we were quite tired.  Yesterday was supermarket day so after that, some housework and doing the washing, we took it easy.

Today, we had our first Covid vaccinations.  It was very busy and we were impressed with the organisation.  We go back in three weeks for our second dose.  Before we went for the vaccinations I emptied the airing cupboard so that the people installing our insulation tomorrow can get into the roof area.  They are due at 8.00 a.m.

Saturday, July 17, 2021


 It is winter and we have had some days of terrible weather, heavy rain and strong wind, but. luckily, sunny days in-between for drying the washing and doing a few jobs outside.  We had to cancel the Parkinson's walk again on Monday because of heavy rain and strong wind but later in the week on a fine day we finished getting gardening "things" out from under the house ready for the insulation to be installed on Thursday.  I wanted to get it done in plenty of time because of the weather.  Now all we have to do is empty the airing cupboard to give access to the roof.

Yesterday, I got the old bottles that Doug had stored under the house and gave them a wash and a new home.

There were two heavy green bottles, one was Great Northern Brewery Ltd. Auckland Lion Ale & Stout while the other had no markings.

Below: the one on the left is Yorkshire Relish, Goodall, Blackhouse & Co. and the one on the right is Barry's Tricopherous, New York, U.S.A. - I see it was a hair dressing.

Below is a ridged brown Poison bottle with glass stopper

On the left, below, is a Brown bottle U.S. Patent 2097912  and on the right a Stephen's Ink bottle

Below is a very tall Champions Vinegar bottle

Below with the vinegar bottle are a triangular shaped bottle, a very heavy champagne bottle and a bottle with Regnier on it which may or may not be old.

in the front below is a "Torpedo Bottle" that were in use from the 1840's to the 1870's

Friday, July 9, 2021


Bobby seems happy enough but is now on the last of the antibiotics Doug got from the Vets.  He was given two lots and told that was all he could have.  He gave him one lot and Bobby seemed better but the coughing and sneezing came back so he is on the last lot now.  Luckily, he takes both the antibiotic paste and his thyroid pill well with food.

Blue, actually "belongs" to neighbours a couple of houses away.  Doug started feeding him several years ago as he would catch and eat the doves and other birds that he feeds and it did help.  At that stage we thought he was a stray but we later discovered who his "owners" are.  The other day, in the pouring rain, there was a knock at the door and Blue's "father" was there asking if Blue was with us.  We were the third house he had tried.  I knew Blue was here as I had just seen him in his favourite basket on the back porch.  He used to sleep on the two seat cane chair but then decided he preferred the table so I put an old curtain on the table and we remove it when we eat there.  Later I added the basket as Bobby was not interested in it preferring to stretch out on the floor.  

Blue is a fighter and he was being taken to the vet as he had come off second best in a fight.  It is good to know that they do look after him.  Doug had been to see them a few weeks ago to check that he had flea treatment as we have found him in the lounge on cold mornings.

I went back to the G.P. this week and, it seems I had pneumonia but it is now clear.  The main reason she wanted to see me was that it appears I now need to start taking diabetic medication.  I was hoping to stay on diet alone but suppose I have done quite well as it is 21 years since my diagnosis.  She wanted me to take two tablets a day but, as there are possible side effects, I have opted to take just one tablet a day for three months and then have another blood test before deciding what to do.

We also had our flu vaccinations so, hopefully, will be able to get our Pfizer Covid ones in the not too distant future.