Thursday, October 22, 2015


Kaipara Harbour map

Yesterday, we had a cruise on the northern part of the Kaipara Harbour. We drove down to Pahi and the boarded the "Kewpie 2" which took us on a four hour cruise.  Looking at the map we actually covered only a very small part of the large Kaipara Harbour.  We cruised down from Pahi past the Batley Homestead and then went about halfway to Maungaturoto and the railway crossing before returning the same way.

It is a very interesting cruise with a commentary along the way.  I did it once before with Max but, unfortunately, we had a heavy fog that day.

Yesterday, it was fine but the wind was quite strong (as it has been for some time).

                                                                  The Batley Homestead

The Main trunk line - unfortunately, only special tour trains run on it now

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This plant (or rather its predecessor) was in the garden when I came here.  It is neither an orchid nor a rose but looks delightful at this time of year.  its proper name is Cistus Brilliancy.  I know as I recently found the original plant tag in the garden.

The bush was very woody.  As I was still caring for Max at the time I had someone come in to do some pruning.  Luckily, I stuck some cuttings in a pot, as the pruning was too severe and original plant died.  The cuttings were later planted together rather than trying to separate them.  They have flourished.

These are the self sown geranium maderense that I showed earlier in the month.

I had to come in from the garden as it was too hot (for me at least) I see it is 28 degrees in my porch.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Yesterday, we went up to Roland's Wood in Kerikeri with some friends  to see the bluebells.  It was a lovely sunny day (perhaps spring has finally arrived).

On entering the wood a crab apple was covered in blossom.

The clivia's were past their best but still provided a good show.

We all took something for a picnic which was most enjoyable.  Far nicer than going to a cafe.

As we went through Kawakawa the train was heading along the main street.