Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Te Matau a Pohe - 2

The flotilla at the Saturday opening of the bridge was followed by a procession of vehicles as follows:

The bridge coming back down after the flotilla had passed.

 The bus from the Rest Home where my husband is although he wasn't on board.

 The following two photos are Riding for the Disabled.

 This lovely old vehicle which seemed to work on chains needed the occasional push to help it on its way.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Te Matau a Pohe

Te Matau a Pohe is Whangarei's  new bridge which was opened yesterday.  It was a cloudy day but fine.

This first photo of the bridge was taken from the "Wave and Waka" sculpture when we had friends visiting recently.

 There was a good crowd at the opening.

 A microlight plane? flying around prior to the proceedings.
 The bridge is raised ready for the opening and flotilla

I hadn't realised we were positioned close to the opening ceremony.  It is going on in the centre of the road.  I heard it but could not see what was going on.

The bridge fully lifted ready for the boats to pass under.
 First there were three waka or Maori canoes. From where we were positioned I got photos of the boats after they had passed under the bridge.

 Then all sorts of craft

 I loved this old boat with the occupants in period dress.

 A hen in a basket floating with the boats.

The bridge was then lowered once again ready for the parade of vehicles.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


With the cold weather the Tuis are enjoying the feeders we have for them.  There is a bottle of sugar syrup and on the table some fruit (at the moment oranges and kiwifruit).

These photos are taken from inside our lounge.  We have another syrup feeder on the next terrace down and there are at least four tuis and many white eyes enjoying the feeders.

I tried to get a better photo of their coat today.

This last photo shows tui at both feeders.  You can just make out a tui at the bottom feeder to the left of the pole.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Trip up North

We decided to have a couple of days away and visit friends in the north.  Setting off it was quite fine and there was mist in the valleys.

We stopped at Whangaroa and had a look at the Harbour.  Doug spent the first four years of his life just down the road from here.

Unfortunately, on our only full day in the north (mainly spent in Kaitaia) the heavens opened and it poured with rain so no photos that day.  Still I caught up with friends starting with the oldest at 96 and working down.

We stayed in Taipa and before we came home we went for a walk along the beach as the weather had cleared.

We then stopped at Mangonui for a walk after buying a couple of fresh flounder for our tea.

At Kaeo it was flooded but, luckily, not across the road.

We then stopped at Kerikeri where we had a delicious lunch in a gluten free cafe and I bought two jackets, a top and a new duvet cover in the op shops.  A thoroughly enjoyable break.