Friday, March 22, 2019


It is one week since the terror attack took place in Christchurch.  This afternoon there was 2 minutes silence across the country after the Muslim call to Friday Prayers at 1.30 p.m.

It is assumed that the Terrorist wanted to break New Zealand apart whereas the opposite has happened and it is bringing people of different religions and races closer together.  The name of the Terrorist is never mentioned so he gets no notoriety.

We already thought highly of  Jacinda Ardern, our Prime Minister, and we are now even more impressed with the way she has handled the situation and helped in bringing people together.  She shows great empathy and is an inspiration.

Many women have been wearing the Hijab in support of Muslims and this photo has now appeared of a Policewoman wearing one while on guard at the Cemetery.

Police officer Constable Michelle Evans in hijab with a rifle and rose outside Christchurch Memorial Park Cemetery, as victims of the mosque shootings are buried.

On the Home front the friend I flatted with over 50 years ago  stayed with us in the new spare bedroom for just over a week and gave it the tick of approval.  She has now moved back down to Auckland.  During this time I have not been blogging or following blogs.  We have also had old friends of Doug's to visit today.

On the blogging front I finally read an email from google about the coming shut down and it appears that I will not be able to blog and comment after 2nd April.  I will have to try and work this out in a hurry.  The old brain cells had better get working.


  1. I am getting a bit worried about this google thing, not sure what it is.

  2. Glad the guest room worked out. Hope the google thing will be short lived.

  3. Good photo in spite of the gun!
    Yes, races and religions should come closer to prevent catasthrophies of the sort that shook Christchurch. Politicians are interested only in voters, won't do anything constructive to prevent clashes. So, it's the people in the community that have to be on the alert.

  4. Firstly, I thought April 2nd was just Google+, and Blogger will still continue as usual. It is only the + users that are affected.( that is what I understood) I need to do more research into this. Yes I agree with all your words, Jacinda has excelled herself every day, sensitivity, composure, eloquent, and probably doing many more hours work that we don't see. The quilters all over the world are making what are called " Healing Hearts" blocks, and these will be collected from all over the world and the quilts given to each family, each family with a person injured, and if there are more, to the first responders who faced an unimaginable horror when they entered the mosque.It has united all New Zealanders in z way I had not thought would ever happen.

  5. Your PM is a marvel. Right from the start she has stood out and now she seems to be handling this perfectly. So glad that shooter is having a news black out and so no noteriety.
    NZ still on the news here. That Muslim call and then the silence was not ntens!

  6. I have not sought out his name nor will I. Since coming on the scene, I have very much liked PM Ardern. I know it's cliché, but she really does seem a breath of fresh air. Ardern has handled the Christchurch tragedy with such sensitivity and thoughfulness.

    I'm glad your spare room has received the stamp of approval!

  7. It's Google+ which is going, not'll be fine

  8. I've been hearing of other attacks on Mosques, so all is not well. There are nutters all over.

  9. It must've been good catching up with your friend. At my work we held 2 minute silence in respect for the victims.