Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Another busy long weekend which started when  a friend of Doug's from his Air Force days visited us with his wife on Friday.  I had not met them before so it was great to spend some time together over a meal.  The weekend went along as usual with the market and preparing the produce on Saturday and going to the gym on Sunday.

On Monday, our Parkinson walk was around the garden of one of our members who has just built a new house.  It was built on family land and we were able to walk around the whole garden which is opened to the public annually in aid of the SPCA.

In the evening we had a visit from the blogger "Ook?!" or Gwynneth and her husband Vic ( https://gzandco.blogspot.com ) from Scotland.  Vic had just competed in the BDO Tour of Northland and we spent a pleasant evening together.

The weather is still warm (25 degrees C today) and dry and the forecasted rain seems to keep moving further away although I think we may get some this weekend.  We have finally got around to ordering our flower and vegetable seedlings so once they arrive we will be very busy.


On the News tonight flooding on the West Coast of the South Island, a major bridge washed away and a Civil Defence Emergency declared.


There has been over 1 metre of rain in a 24 hour period.  One dead due to the flooding.


  1. When I told your famous NZ garden designer, Margaret Barwick, that I was opening my garden to the public, she nearly had a fit. She thought I was being serious!!!

  2. Those NZ gardens open to the public are amazing! My sis in laws used to be on the local tour in te puke. She spent every spare minute on the garden and loved it

    1. My late husband's family settled in Te Puke and there are still "Vercoe's" there. The first burial was a Vercoe.