Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It is two years since I put Max into full time care.  I find it hard to believe that is so long. His mental decline has been gradual and physically he is well apart from no longer being mobile.

A friend that I flatted with in Auckland in 1966 and who was with me the day Max and I met arrived from Queensland yesterday.  Today, after going down to the Town Basin, we visited Max.  We left it till the afternoon as he tends to be sleepy in the mornings.  She found it really upsetting. It is such a cruel disease.


  1. Hugsss Susan. Truly it is a cruel disease.

  2. As we age, dementia becomes our greatest fear for ourselves or our loved ones.

  3. It is indeed a very cruel disease, Susan. My mother-in-law hasn't been diagnosed with dementia, but just watching her memory decline is hard enough.

  4. (((hugs)))) gosh two years has gone fast but I bet some of the hardest two years of your life.

  5. Sue, it's been a long hard road. You are in my thoughts too.

  6. A smile came on his face when he saw my friend even though I don't think he knew who she was. At least he is happier nowadays as he goes more and more into his own world.

    Thanks for all your comments.

  7. What to say...except to echo your sentiments on this disease, we just hope that we are not afflicted by it don't we.
    Sometimes I think its harder to watch the one you love suffer than to suffer yourself.
    I'm sure you did the right thing.
    Enjoy your friends companionship and have a lovely day.