Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While taking photos of the Monarch caterpillars I took a couple of the nearby Hoya.  This plant was given to us by my husband's late cousin many years ago.  It sat in the verandah of our previous home, never flowering, and one day he moved it outside in the rain to give it a drink and a wash.

Unfortunately, it got left there and the leaves got a bit burnt.  I came to the rescue and put it under a tree where it flowered for the first time.  When we moved here we brought it with us (still in the small pot).  The previous owner had a Hoya in the same position growing up the trellis so I planted it (pot and all) and it has flowered each year.  (this is the third).  They are wonderful flowers looking almost as though they are made of wax.  I think it is generally considered a house plant.


  1. It looks almost edible; I don't think I know this one. Very exotique!

  2. What a lovely plant. I am going to look it up and see if it will grow in my zone.

  3. Cro is right, it's such a luscious looking flower it almost looks edible!

    Thanks for your comment on my Road Trip, yes you are right I don't enjoy driving, especially in a new place. If I pass through Whangarei again in the future I will let you know.