Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another lovely day

This is what I call perfect autumn weather .  This morning I went to visit my hubby again but, unfortunately, he is not a happy chappy.  He can't understand why he is in there and it is all doom and gloom.  I will keep visiting though and hope that things improve.

I went to see "Marigold Hotel" this afternoon and it is just wonderful.  Good enough to see a second time.  As one would expect all the actors are excellent.  I thoroughly recommend it.

This morning Kim was sitting in the sun enjoying life as only cats can.  Unfortunately, the sun was a bit glary when I took the photo.                

When i got home the lawnmowing man was here - it is four weeks since he has been because of the bad weather we were having but everything looks good now.  It is just up to me to get back in the garden.  Looking forward to it.


  1. I'm the 'lawnmowing man' here, unfortunately. I need a Fuller.

  2. My sister has seen Marigold Hotel too and she thoroughly enjoyed it. Glad you're having a nice day in the sun. Poor M - I hope things improve for him too xx