Friday, April 6, 2012

At last some sunshine

A better day, today.  I finally managed to get some washing done and dried, had a walk and got out in the garden and took a few pics.

This dahlia is doing very well

                                           I like these crucifix orchids, they come in several colours
                                           This was a fairly barren area that I have planted with
                                            Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Leeks and a Frangipani.

This stump is from a tree I cut down when we first arrived.  it was a Taiwanese Cherry which, although
very pretty is a real problem as it seeds everywhere. I am constantly pulling up seedlings from the neighbours'
tree.  I liked the fungi on it.

Yesterday, I visited M.  Although he asked me who I was when I first arrived and thought that he had been in over a year and that I had remarried,  he seemed reasonably content and didn't mind my leaving which was a great relief.  I will most likely go back on Sunday.


  1. You have your sunshine, just as ours has gone (temporarily I hope).

  2. Love the stump and its fungi. It looks like a piece of art.

  3. Your garden is lovely Sue. Happy Easter