Monday, April 16, 2012

Lovely day for a walk

I went on the Parkinson's Walk today.  It was a beautiful day and we started at the Town Basin, crossing the covered bridge, around past the swimming pool complex, onto a board walk then alongside the Hatea River to Mair Park and back again.  It took us just under two hours.

It was all new territory to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

                                                     The Town Basin
                                            We met some joggers
                                           The board walk through the Mangroves
                                                   The Hatea River
                                             Walking through the bush
                                               The Hatea River again
                                             and more bush

On the way back there were several "pedal boats?"on the water by the yachts. From a distance  they looked like large surfboards with bikes on top of them and a small seat on the back.  It was just like cyclists floating on the water.  Unfortunately, my camera battery had gone flat so I hope to see them again and get a photo.


  1. A good day out. I always keep spare batteries in the car; If I carried a bag (which I don't), I'd keep some in there too. You never know when they'll be needed!

  2. You got some very nice shots before your batteries died.

  3. Love the picture of the boats. The walk looks brilliant.

  4. I suppose I should look for a spare battery - my camera uses a large black rectangular battery!

    It was such a beautiful day - a pity not more walkers but everyone did very well.

  5. The walk sounds very pleasant. And two hours is just right - not too long, not too short. I'm glad you enjoyed "Red Dog", Susan. But I don't think that I can take the credit for recommending it - or if I did, I've forgotten that I did.

  6. Mair Park is one of my favourite places to visit..and it's not far from where I live which is a bonus. I used to take the kids down there 3 or 4 times a month when they were little. We'd take bread to feed the ducks, have fun on the play ground equipment and just enjoy the bush, the birds etc.

    Those paddle boats look like they'd be a fun thing to do :0)

  7. lovely photos, look at the blue sky!

  8. Why do batteries always do that, Susan? Lovely photos of beautiful countryside.