Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There are so many good people out there.

I am starting to feel a bit more refreshed.  Still sleeping a large amount of the time but I think that will go on for a while.  I am, however, trying to get plenty of exercise preferably with other people.

Yesterday, I joined six other people and went for a walk in the rain with the Parkinson's club and we finished with a coffee and chat in a cafe.

This morning there were occasional showers and, after doing some clearing in the garden and filling the wheelie bin I walked up to Kamo Village to buy a birthday card and had a long chat with a friend I happened to meet.

I got home just in time before the rain and wind started in earnest .  We are getting the tail end of the cyclone that hit Fiji and the forecast is not good for tomorrow either.

I have had such wonderful support - yesterday I had calls from the Nurse at the Hospital who did M.'s assessment and the lady who runs our Alzheimer's support group both to see how I was coping.

I had also been in touch with the Starship Foundation about a function they have here in Whangarei next week.  I had not replied to their invitation  as I wasn't sure whether I would be able to attend.  Thinking that it would be good for me to mix with others I sent an email explaining the situation and asking whether it was too late to go on the list of attendees.  Marilyn took the time to phone me and tell me that I was most welcome also giving me support as she had been in a similar situation. (Starship is the Children's Hospital in Auckland that caters for the whole country).

Last night, Jean from All Points of the Compass phoned to offer her support.  On top of this I have had lots of phone calls from friends and family.

I know it is going to be hard when I visit M. as he is just not able to understand the fact that it was getting too much for me and will, most likely, accuse me of all sorts of things but I will phone the Rest Home tomorrow and ask their advice as to when I should visit.

I had intended to take some photos of the garden when I returned from my walk but the rain put paid to that. Never mind there is always another day.


  1. I am so glad to hear of all the support you are getting. It sounds like there are so many people out there who care and want to be there for you. Accept as many invitations as you can and keep your spirits up.

  2. Sue, I'm so glad that you are having some rest at last and that you are able to socialise a bit as well. I had trouble posting comments but seems to be alright again tonight. xx

  3. Thank you both - I have been to the Rest Home today to take some more clothes in. M. was at Alz Club but I checked with the nurse in charge and will do a short visit tomorrow. She says he is settling in quite well.

  4. What a hard decision you have had to make and how brave you have been! I do hope M settles and am glad to hear you are getting some sleep.