Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Te Matau a Pohe - 2

The flotilla at the Saturday opening of the bridge was followed by a procession of vehicles as follows:

The bridge coming back down after the flotilla had passed.

 The bus from the Rest Home where my husband is although he wasn't on board.

 The following two photos are Riding for the Disabled.

 This lovely old vehicle which seemed to work on chains needed the occasional push to help it on its way.


  1. I like that last photo; is it an Austin Chummy? Amazing, you can't escape a Scottish bagpipe band, even in NZ.

    1. Sorry, don't know which Austin it is.

      Waipu. a village just over 40 kms from here was settled by Scots and has kept its heritage very much alive with, among other things, an annual Highland Games. I think the band was the Whangarei one though.

      There are Bagpipe bands all over the country because of the Scottish heritage.

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love bagpipes, my neighbor two properties from mine plays his bagpipes every Saturday morning. In twenty years he has only been shot at once.

    1. I love them as well and occasionally hear someone nearby playing them.