Tuesday, July 16, 2013


With the cold weather the Tuis are enjoying the feeders we have for them.  There is a bottle of sugar syrup and on the table some fruit (at the moment oranges and kiwifruit).

These photos are taken from inside our lounge.  We have another syrup feeder on the next terrace down and there are at least four tuis and many white eyes enjoying the feeders.

I tried to get a better photo of their coat today.

This last photo shows tui at both feeders.  You can just make out a tui at the bottom feeder to the left of the pole.


  1. Their feathers look so shiny and metallic. Lovely.

  2. A lovely bird feeder, and Tuis are so beautiful, that green shimmer in their feathers, it shines so much in the sun or even in shade. Cheers from Jean

  3. Awesome, I love having the tui around...we have some good tui trees flowering at the moment so we heart them often but are very high up!! Maybe we need a feeder too?

  4. Those bird feeders are very cleverly designed. The birds obviously agree and are enjoying their sweet treats

  5. Doug made the feeders for me and is thinking of going into production.