Monday, September 30, 2013

Parkinson Walk Town Basin 30th September 2013

Today, we started our walk at the Town Basin - the lady in front is from the Press as there is to be an article in one of the local papers about our group.  It started off sunny although rain was forecast.

 As we started our walk we saw some very small ducklings.  They were too fast and I only got one in the photo.

We then had a quite heavy shower just before the halfway point of our walk and Doug walked back with one of the group who was not feeling very well.

We found some shelter and the shower passed quite quickly.  I was surprised to come across these geese on the riverbank.

Work has started on the new footbridge which will make  this a better walk as it will be more off road.

I even came across a small patch of bluebells


  1. What on earth is that last picture? Very strange.

  2. That is the new bridge, as mentioned in a previous post, taken from an area yet to be redeveloped.

    1. If you google "Te Matau a Pohe" you should get more photos etc.

  3. Doug is very kind and thoughtful. Your walk looks lovely even if it did rain a little bit. The bluebells are beautiful. I love how everything looks fresh after a shower of rain

  4. oh they are building a foot cool! Must take a wander along here myself, Susan {{hugs}}