Sunday, April 6, 2014


We put our clocks back last night.  It was great to be able to get up in daylight this morning even though it does mean that winter is edging closer.

Yesterday Doug finished the addition to my woodshed - a little hut for my wheelbarrow.

This area used to be a waste of space but has now been put to good use.


  1. Looks lovely Susan, are they Choisya Ternata in the pots? Some wind here, NO rain yet, green grass is all brown, apart from where we have watered it in very small patches. Hope you are OK. Hugs, Jean.

    1. They are Pohutkawa - seedlings come up everywhere so I make use of them. Still dry here - watering every day. Yes, I am fine although, I must admit I feel constantly under stress but that has been for years now.

  2. Ooh! Lucky wheelbarrow! My poor wheelbarrow has to live outside (though it does have a verandah to shelter under.).

  3. Now I KNOW you're a snob. Whoever heard of a wheelbarrow shed; even Prince Charles doesn't have one of those!

  4. What a treasure Doug is, we could all do with one of those.

  5. I think your wheelbarrow shed is the bees knees. Well done Doug.

  6. Question - why does a wheelbarrow need a shed?

  7. To keep it from the elements. My previous wheelbarrow rusted away and, although the tray of my current one is plastic the handles aren't. \\

    Also, the sun here is extremely strong and could damage the tray.

    Previously it has lived in my "summerhouse" so it is good to have somewhere specific to keep it and it looks tidy.