Thursday, September 4, 2014


Out for lunch today with a man from the Parkinson walk and his wife and when I returned I looked out of the window to see the Kereru once again.

A better view of him (her) but a bit blurry due to the heavy rain (yes it is raining AGAIN).

The photo was taken from inside my lounge and the bird bath is about 4 feet behind the bird feeder.


  1. Our more 'ordinary' pigeons (palombe) usually go south for the winter, but I've noticed in recent years that they've been staying. Maybe this is a sign of global warming.

  2. Had to look up what a Kereru was as there were 2 birds in picture.
    we have a lot of pigeons that hang around under the bird feeder picking up all the bits that drop. That's nature for you, nothing wasted.

  3. Beautiful plumage. Love the greys and blushes of reds and the iridescent green colours on the wings.