Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The first day of winter

The Indian Summer has only recently left us and now we have the first day of winter.  There was rain overnight but none today and the temperature had dropped considerably.

First thing this morning I took a few photos in the garden.  This rose is coming to the end of its flowering.  It flowers from early spring through to winter.  The rhododendron is just coming into bud.

     An azalea that was here when we purchased seven years ago.  The garden is in need of some T.L.C. at present.

The chrysanthemum flowers well - I have just picked enough for a couple of vases.

Still a few flowers on the gardenia

and the frangipane

and some photos taken in the park while walking Sophie this morning


  1. Your winter looks very gentle and benign.

    1. Yes, it is really but having been so warm one notices the sudden cold. 12 degrees C at the moment and the forecast tonight is down to 3 degrees.

  2. Dreadful weather here, it's like going back into winter again. Rain, rain, rain.

    1. Showers here but it is the sudden drop in temperature that I notice most.