Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Little Red Van

Doug and I had just been to sort out our wills etc. when we had a phone call from his daughter, Christine.  She was doing her Rural Delivery mail run and was on the main road with her flashing light going (not installed in the above photo) and was indicating to turn right when she was rear-ended.

She was pushed to the opposite side with a logging truck approaching.  Luckily there was an experienced driver and he slammed on his brakes and managed to stop.  The young girl in the car behind (early 20's) said she wasn't on her cell phone but had been distracted and didn't see Christine in front of her until it was too late.  Both of them are all right if a bit bruised and shocked but it could easily have been very different.

The girl's car is a write-off and we are waiting to hear about the van.  A moment's inattention has left the girl without a vehicle and Christine in the position of having to rent a van. She has taken on an extra early morning run and was in the process of looking for a back-up van.  The van she will rent will be fine for that run but too large to do her main run so she will have to use her station wagon.

Of course, we are relieved that she is not hurt but the whole episode has been very traumatic.


  1. Oh dear! There seems to be so many distractions for drivers these days, such accidents are almost predictable. Good to hear they're both OK.

  2. Scary and so upsetting, Christine will be very wary of driving for a while.So glad there wasn't serious injuries.

    1. She is doing the run in her station wagon until she knows whether the van will be a write-off. Hopefully she will hear next week.

  3. lucky the logger was an experienced driver..

  4. What a relief no one was injured.

  5. Yes, trust you are doing all right.