Wednesday, February 1, 2017


When Doug bought his house at the end of 2008 he redecorated.  He is doing it once again.  First he sold the lovely bedroom suite he had built for one of his daughters many years ago and then decorated what had been the spare bedroom.  Now he and Sophie have moved in there and he has just painted what was his bedroom and is soon to be mine and Kim's with entry to the new cat run through the open window.

The first two photos are the "before" with Sophies bed beside Doug's

It has now been painted in the colour scheme from my current house that Doug redecorated over winter and is ready for my furniture to arrive in just a fortnight's time - so much to do in the meantime!!!!

While Doug is painting I am sorting through cupboards and we have been either giving items to his family or selling (in the case of the bedroom suite) or donating to charity.  We have to fit the contents of two houses into the smaller of the two.  Hey ho....


  1. Sounds like fun, and interesting changing your surroundings. Where we are staying in Whanganui is mainly white, especially the kitchen, with beige carpets and pale grey couches..and hasn't changed in 4 years, even the ornaments. She is very OCD with regard to cleaning, and where things go as takes some getting used to!!

    1. One thing I am definitely not is OCD regarding cleaning. As long as it is reasonably tidy and reasonably clean I am happy. Too busy enjoying life.

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    1. I know it will be so much easier to be living in the one house. A great new start.