Monday, February 13, 2017


Only two more sleeps to go till moving day.  On Sunday my stepson came up with a friend to help.  I asked him to cut the hedge along my drive.  It is actually my neighbours' hedge.  He didn't take long and I think it looks great.  Meanwhile his friend, Erika, swept up all the clippings.  The red bits you can see on top are on the neighbours' side.

A couple of nights ago I noticed the cacti next to the garage was in flower.

and now the frangipani is starting to flower.

I think we are on track with the moving.  Lots has been given to the family, Hospice, Women's Refuge,  SPCA and this morning the Salvation Army are picking more up from Doug's.  Not much is left in my house now except the furniture for the removers on Wednesday.  That will leave Thursday for the last of the cleaning.

A new life starts.


  1. . Exciting, settling into your new home. Good luck with the move

  2. That cacti is awsome - wishing you lots of happiness in your new home with Doug.

  3. And the new chapter in your book of life has opened the first page. Lovely flowers, they grow so well in your warmer climate, has it really been so warm this summer? We have had rain today, a few gusts of severe wind, and indoors by the machine is best. Happy moving.

  4. My very best to you and Doug as you start your new lives together.

  5. You'll be sorry to leave your garden; it looks wonderful. I could use your stepson here!!!

  6. Wishing you every happiness in your new life together. Hope the move goes smoothly.

  7. You are leaving everything so clean and tidy - doesn't always happen! Hope you managed to keep things dry when moving yesterday - hope the cleaning goes well today :-)

  8. You're so lucky to have the help of a young, fit and wiling worker!
    With our son living in Australia we have to get in the garden cavelry!
    Neither of us are allowed to climb ladders any more.
    The frangipani is lovely - you will miss it when you move!
    Good luck with the final pack and clean😉