Saturday, August 3, 2013

Brian Brake:Lens on the World

The above exhibition is touring New Zealand from Te Papa, the National Museum in Wellington.  It has just come to Whangarei and will be here until November 1st.

Doug and I went this afternoon and it is well worth a visit.  As well as numerous of his photographs there is also part of a documentary showing him taking photos at some beach races.

Just a couple of photos from the exhibition.

A London Cafe

Café, London

and Monsoon Girl

The following is a link to the Te Papa website.

(Julia - I know you will enjoy this).


  1. Susan, thanks so much for the link, one superbly wonderful man, and great we can see his marvellous work through his working life. Cheers from Jean.

  2. It is great that these exhibitions are touring the country.

  3. I must go and see this! I'm of to Wellington (got two Grab One $10 seats on Naked bus) at the end of the month to see the Impressionist's Light and Colour Exhibition at Te Papa and looking forward to it too!

  4. I thought the excerpt from a documentary on Brian Brake well worth watching. It was interesting to see him at work in a crowd.