Monday, August 5, 2013

Parkinson Walk 5 August - Te Matau a Pohe Bridge

Margaret, who organises the Parkinsons' Walks seems to have a direct link to the Weather Man and once again after a couple of days of rain we had a perfect day.

We started at the Town Basin and crossed the river to walk along Riverside Drive to the new Bridge, over it and back on the streets the other side.  Next year there will be a footbridge leading back to the park by the Wave and Waka making a shorter and more pleasant walk.

Yesterday, I went back to the Asthma exercise group that I used to attend.  I stopped going nearly a year ago.  Doug came as well as he was keen to get back to exercising. After visiting Max we then took Sophie for a walk from Whareora Road through the bush.  We haven't walked her for a while as she was having trouble with one of her legs.

After not much exercise for a while I have a very pleasant tiredness at present.

                                     The Wave and Waka Sculpture from across the river

 Looking back towards the Town Basin.  The river coming from the left is the one that will have the footbridge.


  1. From the look of the bright blue sky, it must have been the most perfect day for your lovely walk.

  2. Your pictures are lovely. I've seen lots of water too xx

  3. Lovely photos...and I love the cat in your header.