Friday, August 2, 2013

World Champions

I have just heard that my cousin's grand daughter Annabel Cattermole and Bryony Bennett-Lloyd are the new International 420 Ladies World Champions- CONGRATULATIONS.

Annabel visited us in New Zealand with her parents as a very young child.

The following is from the British International 420 Class Facebook page.
We have GBR women as World Champs again! Annabel & Bryony triumph in Valencia.
Having built their position in the Qualifiers, led the Fleet through the Finals, they were evidently keeping their cool on the last day – while all kinds of turmoil and change was suddenly happening behind them - Annabel Cattermole & Bryony Bennett-Lloyd are <b>International 420 Ladies’ World Champions 2013</b>. A great culmination to their campaign together and beating many teams that have been at the top of the Class over recent years. Many congratulations. Woop! Woop! 


  1. Very good news; nice to have a 'champion' again in the family. That side of the family were always good sportsmen/women; there was a serious hurdler and a Badminton player too, who both represented England.

    1. Annabel's grandmother was the hurdler.