Friday, January 3, 2014


Today we drove up to Russell - mainly to see a "girl" I went to school with.  She and her husband are in New Zealand visiting their son in the South Island and came up to Russell for a short break.

It was about an hour and three-quarters to drive up the winding coast road and we arrived at about 10.30.  Time for a coffee, some quick "op" shopping and then we went to the Pompallier Mission.  It must be over thirty years since I was there and it has been brought back to how it was originally under the French.  We had an excellent guide who took us through the process of tanning leather, printing and book binding (using the same leather).

We then headed for the Duke of Marlborough Hotel and met Diney and her husband - it must be over fifty years since I had seen her and was great to catch up.  I took some school photos with me and we reminisced over a delicious lunch.

Then it was time go back home, this time via the car ferry and SH1.  A most enjoyable day.


  1. Fascinating work. I don't remember you ever mentioning a 'Diney'.

  2. Gosh, 50 years - a long time. Glad it was good. Your trip sounded lovely.

  3. It's a while since we have visited the Mission house - looks like an interesting visit - and how amazing to still be in contact with your old school friend!

  4. Sounds like you had a great visit. How wonderful that you and your old pal could meet up after all that time. X

  5. I remember visiting the Mission many years ago when we were here ( in NZ just visiting my brother in law and family) on holiday... I would have loved to have lived in Russell and we did look at a property but then we had sensible thoughts about it and ended up in Rotorua, glad we did but I still visit Russell.