Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I think spring has finally arrived.  We have had some lovely days although we all got thoroughly drenched on our Parkinson's walk yesterday.

On Sunday we went to a concert put on by the Whangarei Brass Band in Christ Church.  We attended last year and would have  missed it this year if a lady at the gym on Sunday morning hadn't mentioned it.

I think this year it was even better than last with a guest artist and girl's kapa haka group fromTauraroa Area School.

Tomorrow we are going to Kerikeri to see the bluebell wood.


  1. I know that joyful feeling when spring arrives. Enjoy all your beautiful days.

    1. It has been such a wet winter - it is great to get some sunny days. I suppose I will soon be complaining of a drought - c'est la vie.

  2. Your world is awakening, just as ours goes to sleep. My Wisteria is dropping its leaves.

  3. When I bought the property it was just a 2ft high plant and this the first year it has looked so good.

  4. Beautiful flowers - It still seems strange to me to be viewing spring with you whilst we head into autumn.

  5. Yes, but I do enjoy your spring and summer flowers as we head through autumn and winter.

  6. Gorgeous spring flowers Sue and sounds like an enjoyable concert. I recognise one of the band members as my friend's hubby!