Saturday, April 11, 2015


continued......................We had planned to take the Drummond track but decided to go right and take the Dobbie and Hokianga tracks for our descent.

The foliage is slightly different on this side.

                                More steps and ponga trees.


On the side of the track this would have been a very large tree.  Any trees that fall or are felled are left to feed the young seedlings as they appear.

Down at Mair Park

People feeding the ducks and others fishing.

It is good that they put the track around trees.

The track then leaves the park and the native trees give way to poplars and other exotics.  From there it was along Vale Road, down steps to Ewing Road and then along the boardwalk back to the Aquatic Centre and our car.  Two hours.  The weather was perfect for walking, not too hot. (On the news that night it said 25 degrees C.)


  1. looks so warm there, I believe the 25C report. Beautiful trees, and even in their "dotage" still there to be enjoyed.

    1. A bit cooler this evening. We have had a little rain but not nearly enough. I gather Monday is supposed to be rain (Parkinson walk day!!!) I hope your results were good.

  2. I used to RUN!!! the Ross track many years ago. It is a very nice track. If I didn't have such a wonky knee I would still be walking it.

    1. If you used to run up those steps it is not surprising you have a wonky knee. I have always enjoyed walking not running.

      On the day we had to call the Fire Brigade out I walked up the Ross track and, as the lady I was with was not well had a ride back down. I then walked quite a way up past the steps to discover Doug had called an ambulance some time before. I then walked back down to find that the ambulance had come and in turn called the Fire Brigade as they don't go into the bush. I then walked back up again and returned carrying Doug's pack while he helped carry the patient down those steps on a stretcher. I slept well that night!!

  3. I love the thought the poplar as an exotic tree. :-)