Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Morning Market and Walk and Frost

It was cold this morning - on my last post Cro asked whether we had frosts.  Yes, we had one this morning.  We are going to the market slightly later now it is winter.  I phoned Doug just after 6.30 (it would have been on the dot but my phone somehow locked).  He came here to pick me up at 7.30 and we got to the market about 7.45 - I just noticed the time on my camera needs resetting.

Anyway this was my lawn just after 7.30

                                                                        The market

                                                           Stalls selling meat

                                                                  a variety of fruit


                                                                    a busker

more meat

                                        The "Strawberry Sheilas" sell chutneys in winter

                                                           More buskers

It is amazing for this orchard stall to have no customers - one usually has trouble getting served through the crush of people

         I had just purchased my free range eggs here

                               We then went down to the Town Basin to walk Sophie

Plenty of frost here

                                              This kingfisher was enjoying the sun

                                          The tide was very low but the hills looked good

                                      On the way back the frost had gone

We then went to the supermarket and when we got back to Doug's place at about 10 a.m. he went to fill the bird bath only to find ICE
 and this is Doug's lemon tree.  Most houses here have a lemon, an orange and a grapefruit tree.


  1. Your Kingfisher does not seem as timid as ours - it looks colder in NZ than I had imagined.

    1. I wasn't as close to the kingfisher as it appears. This is VERY COLD for us but further south they get severe winters.

      I think it is a bit colder today and I notice ice on my bird bath - I expect it was there yesterday but I didn't get home till lunchtime.

  2. A lot of people about early on a frosty morning. It feels a bit like Autumn has arrived early today - rain and grey skies.

    1. The markets are always popular - they start at 6 a.m. although we didn't get there till about 7.45 yesterday.

      Hope your rain is short lived.

  3. My daughter and her husband are regular market goers - I go occasionally. But I do use the Town Basin Loop regularly - either walking or cycling - what a great edition to our town it is. AND, as a cyclist I love the promise of new cycle paths in the councils upcoming plans.

    1. Yes, the new cycle/walkways will be great. Being in Kamo I am particularly looking forward to the one from here into town as well as the one out to Onerahi.

  4. The market looks good, but strange (to me) that it's away from town. Here markets are always right in the middle of all the shops etc. Stay warm.

    1. The market is right in the centre of town. The reason it is early (from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. is that it is held in a central car park which is then used for shoppers to the town centre